Social distancing and sensible policing

Amid the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak that has emerged as a biggest challenge and threat to the human population across several countries including India, the scientists and health experts even in developed countries like China, Italy, Germany and United States are yet to come out with any vaccine. In all this, the experts have suggested people to maintain social distancing.

According to health experts maintaining social distancing is the best preventive measures to contain the spread of coronavirus and fight against it. While it may be disappointing to hear that so many sports events, festivals and other gatherings are being cancelled, there is a public health reason for these measures. These cancellations help stop or slow down the spread of disease allowing the health care system to more readily care for patients over time. Social distancing is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. Staying at least six feet away from other people lessens your chances of catching COVID-19. Other examples of social distancing that allow you to avoid larger crowds or crowded spaces are working from home instead of at the office. Closing schools or switching to online classes. Visiting loved ones by electronic devices instead of in person. Cancelling or postponing conferences and large meetings.

What I believe that this isn’t actually a social distance rather a physical distancing because of the reasons that in today’s advanced technology we can remain connected to our loved ones through different communication like internet.

Meanwhile the Jammu and Kashmir Police which has a part to play against fighting the spread of coronavirus along with the different arms of government including civil administration, health, municipalities besides others came up with a novel concept of Social distancing. It was seen in Ganderbal district of central Kashmir when a police team marked circles ( by lime) outside several public places particularly outside ATMs and medical stores to make people maintain social distancing to contain the spread of coronavirus. The idea is proving a healthy option for people who come out of their homes to get medicines or visit any ATM. The idea was appreciated by people in general and found it as a novel concept of Social distancing.

Many areas after following this have started implementing this social distancing idea.

“We used lime to mark circles and/or squares near some public places particularly outside ATM’s and medical stores to make people stand at a distance of over three feet between each marking. People were asked to stand as per the markings and soon they were also comfortable with it” additional superintendent of police Ganderbal Feroz Yehya who headed the police team said.