Stifling creativity

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future” –


Picking on this quotation by Plato, I will speak my mind on the reasons, why majority of our kids are not utilizing their true potential to think, learn, grow and become creators, innovators for our future.

Problems we face

Address the problem at the grassroots level wherein, when a kid gets a direct admission in class 1st of a government school, the intellect of that kid doesn’t make him eligible to put him in it without proper grooming and through basic education prior to the commencement of this long formal education.

Secondly, I have found out that in government schools there is no policy of detainment which allows the children to be promoted to the next higher classes even if they fail in their unit and annual examinations. This I see as a big problem when we know that the intellect of the failed child doesn’t befit him to be promoted and needs more time to grow their logic and creative, critical thinking capabilities with respect to the classes they are in.

This is rather strange when it’s certain that the child won’t really do the justice to the studies if they are to be promoted and considering there are high chances that the child will fail again and thereby making it a continuous process till he reaches the 8th standard and here he has to compete with the rest of students of the valley. Moreover, the question which we should be actually asking is that, has the child really grown his intellect to the extent, for him to be in this standard?

Solutions to the problems

As for the first problem I talked about, I see the poor and improper utilization of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme which is centrally sponsored where not only the pre-school education is provided but also food, primary healthcare, immunization, health check-ups are provided to children below the age of 6 years. So, if this scheme is utilized to the maximum the kids who sought the admissions in 1st class would have had the prior grooming and got the basic education to make them intellectually eligible to get an admission and thereby making them grow their minds more with each passing class.

The second problem of detainment I mentioned, I see it co-related with the solution I provided for the first problem. If there is an effective utilization of the ICDS scheme, then there are less chances of a child failing in their examinations because their intellect would have grown well for them to understand their lessons and passing them. Also, I think the policy on detainment should been revisited and thought over again to ensure that we breed minds who really have the potential to become creators and innovators of tomorrow and not that we see children who can’t simply think.

More suggestions

The suggestions I will put forth would be achieved well if the teachers utilize their funds efficiently under the Teaching Learning Methods (TLM) programme. To enlighten you, this programme allots funds year wise to every individual teacher to buy stuffs which would make teaching and learning more easy and effective. Though, I must mention the funds allotted are meager and I urge the government to raise it, so that the kids are taught more effectively and efficiently without any constraints.

Here are some of things we need to focus more on:

•             Use of tools that will stimulate creativity. Inclusion of playful games and visual exercises excite young minds and capture their interests.

•             Inclusion of audio and video tools to supplement textbooks.

•             Relating and demonstrating through real-life situations will make the material easy to understand and learn.

•             Brainstorming, which will put all the minds focus on a single idea and will result in discussions in the classrooms.

I hope, I have touched and addressed the issue in a manner which it demanded and I seek more suggestions and involvement from you people to make our education system more effective.