Tragedy of Kashaki

The tragedy of Kashaki went on and on to repeat itself only

M. J. Aslam
Srinagar, Publish Date: Feb 16 2017 11:23PM | Updated Date: Feb 16 2017 11:23PM
Tragedy of Kashaki

In a remote village of Chandia, a country well known in the East, there lived two coeval married women, Jhanaki & Kashaki, both with rural grace as all village women in that part of the world had. The wedded life of Jhanaki was a serendipitous bliss of her consented marriage that sailed her marital ship smoothly onto the direction of all the ports of her family life. Her marriage was solemnized with her “free will” in accord with all the basic ceremonies and formalities that were customarily necessary for legalisation of the social institution. Her husband wasn’t also the one imposing himself upon her, neither before nor after their lawful marriage. Nor for their children was he some loathsome or hateful parent coercing his family into submission, or abusing or beating them up, either. Therefore, there wasn’t any grievance, friction or regret on the part of Jhanaki in her consensual relation with the man, her accepted-husband. 

But, on the edge of the village, there was Kashaki whose life with the man she was forced to take as her husband against her willingness was a living inferno for her. Without her “free consent”, the man who was coerced upon her at gunpoint by his goons as her life partner was the one whom she detested most like disease by a man. 

As gravitational pull maintains the inter se balance of the celestial bodies within the universe, the “free consent” is also like that force that upholds the foundation of all types of relations known to the humankind. Marriage, being one of them, if allowed against an involuntary spouse, it will be a mere human enslavement or bondage, which no socio-legal system of the civilised world would ever subscribe to.    

Bahma, the husband obtruded on unfortunate Kashaki, was a forcible conqueror of her body who had desperately failed to win her soul, respect & love, which she had been holding deep inside her bosom for a woodcutter living in a neighbouring verdant hamlet who, by the tyranny of time, hadn’t become her soul mate. The victory of hearts was impossible for the unfair conqueror as the scars left on Kashaki’s body by his daily beating & thrashing, bruises inflicted on her psyche by his abuse & insult, and alienation & abhorrence in her mind for him caused by his violence & force, right from the day of original sin of forcible union, were all so deeply entrenched in her persona that they could never be healed up with any touch of medicine or material things.  

Kashaki’s core repulsion for Bahma had made her remarkably fortunate lady as he wasn’t father of any child from the unlawful marriage with her. But the children of the village held her in no less esteem than their own mothers because they had been witness to all the cruelty committed by Bahma to her. They had learnt from their elders about the ongoing tragic saga of an unholy alliance of Kashaki with viciously violent man. The resistance with their small hands put by the children of the village against Bahma’s violence meted out to Kashaki was responded by his violent kicks, bleeding punches and thrashing them down to the floor that had blinded some of them. The protesting children were always bludgeoned to silence by Bahma who would proudly tell them: “look here, foolish boys, don’t you see what I have given to Kashaki, clothes, food & shelter, and still this thankless stubborn woman doesn’t show any latitude in her repugnant behaviour toward me nor does she have a small iota of love for me in her heart….justifying thus, my violence toward her…..”  

The children would rejoin angrily: “Kashaki has not accepted you as her life partner, why don’t you, allow her breath in fresh air of freedom……” 

“That I can’t do, as my egotism will get greatly damaged then & that would also let down my goons who helped me in winning her”, Bahma replied quickly.  

“Bahma, you haven’t won but only captured her through your goons”, equally quick reply came from the children. 

Meanwhile, Kashaki who was there around listening said loudly: “Bahma you have had never won me nor shall in future be my owner, but only trespasser & occupier of someone else’s property”. 

 On seeing the bitter truth biting into his face, the red hot Bahma got re-infuriated and re-started his cycle of violence against Kashaki & children. So, the tragedy of Kashaki went on & on to repeat itself only, with Bahma getting, every time, more & more ferocious and beastly to her.  

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