Suppression, thy name is woman

Suppression, thy name is woman

Unless society gives her respect and dignity, nothing is going to change

The moment a girl is born, people around her start expecting too much from her. They expect that she will do whatever she is asked to do. It seems as if she is born with agreement with the world around her. Though she plays many roles in her life, the most disgusting thing is that in every role — she is oppressed. Somewhere she is being oppressed by the father, by her brother, by her husband, by her in-laws. Most disturbing thing is that even her own sons play such role in one phase of her life. Such things though disturb her psyche but she is always passive. 

A woman gives birth to her children. It is she who bears the pain during pre–natal and post-natal period. She experiences the sleepless nights and painful days for her children but still the decision about bearing children is not being taken by her. Though all of us say that we are living in the modern era, but in such things we are still primitive. It doesn’t require the tools and techniques to change her fate, it requires a mindset which cannot be changed by the materialistic tools. People celebrate “Mother’s Day”, Women’s day etc, but those who celebrate and organize these days are the same who do injustice to womenfolk. Their attitudes and thinking towards her is atrocious. It is our inner being which needs to be changed, otherwise the celebration of such days is just a futile exercise. 

Gender discrimination is very deep rooted in our society. It may take centuries to get that uprooted. What about those who even bury her in the womb. That phenomenon has drastically declined her ratio. Though in the past before the advent of Islam, she was seeing the world around her after that she was being buried but our present modern era has snatched even those moment from her. Now she doesn’t even see the world as she is being buried inside. 

Girl are beings nurtured by their parents and taught to obey. Is obedience meant only for girls? It seems as if they don’t have their own identity. There is always identity crises among girls. They always lack confidence. That is because they are being brought up in such atmosphere where they are never being given self-respect. The whole society in one way or the other exploits her. Her whole story is the story of exploitation and oppression. She always sacrifices her joys and compromise in every phase of her life. 

Unless society gives her respect and dignity, nothing is going to change. 

(Nuzhat Rehman is from Bogom, Shopian)