Surrendered to fate

Surrendered to fate

He had no way but to accept what was written for him

In sharp contrast to the lap of luxury, he was born in a family plagued by extreme misery. On his arrival in this unforgiving world, his parents were greeted by a wave of ecstasy given the fact he was bestowed with endearing looks, rose-pink lips, charming cheeks, and so on. So long as he was naive  to the events occurring around him, the harsh reality of being born in a poor family never dawned on his innocent mind. Going by the appearances, his life went on quite smoothly;

nonetheless he was not lucky enough to get the privileges his peers had at their disposal. As he reached class 10th, he started showing signs of intelligence; but nuisance of poverty kept hanging around his bony shoulders all the time, which impeded his march to the apex of glory. Predictably enough, the abilities he already possessed instead of rising upwards began to diminish in strength; no matter it remained hidden from public glare. As a consequence, narrowly did he pass his tenth class exams.

Taking into consideration his aptitude, he was suitably fit for medical stream; but the meagreresources forced him to take the  subjects proportionate to the abilities of a mediocre student. Burning midnight oil, he passed 12th as well as Graduation exam with decent grades; which offered him an acute thrill.

Sadly the gladness faded away shortly; as he had to abandon the studies thanks to financial crisis his family was caught in the net of. Neither did the boy erupt in fury in the slightest measure nor did he allow frowns of displeasure reign on his sunken countenance; as he was acutely sensitive to the severe hardships his father was going through. Now, the boy began to do menial jobs to earn livelihood for family since it was his yearning to keep his parents in good spirits even if at the cost of his own life. At regular intervals, was his father visited by feelings of guilt; but a mere thought of starvation & allied difficulties prompted him to drive the remorse away. Slowly but surely, boy’s vigor  began to sink to the lowest levels, as a lot of complications overpowered his skeleton-like body! Yet, he pretended to be cheerful, bright & brisk only with a pure intention to keep his father free of worries. He continued doing daily labor without even complaining of his problems which made him pay the price. To some extent, sanity bade him goodbye, besides fragility of his body complicated the situation further. No matter, he laughs to absurdest lengths on a petty joke; but behind this laughter remains concealed his miserable plight-only to be observed by people of sharp vision. Some poke fun at him for his old-fashioned appearances; some trample on his heart by hurtful remarks ; but he does not retort back–rather he just mumbles in a whispering tone:

“ Meri gurbat nay udaya haie meray fun ka mazaaq

Teri doulat nay teray aib chuppa rakhay hai.”

Once a sociable guy now largely prefers isolation over company; never indulges in discussions which nowadays have become more of a norm than an exception. Despite being under the severe influence of countless troubles, he does manual labor to keep the boat of his family afloat besides affording no opportunity to the people to let loose their ire on him as well  his family. Barring his peculiar tendency to resort to emotional outbursts, he doesn’t protest against his fate.

(Imtiyaz Assad hails from Drussu Pulwama & can be mailed at [email protected])