Take care of the old

Why are we leaving old people unattended. After all they too are the part of the society like the young

Shahzada Saleem
Srinagar, Publish Date: Mar 21 2018 11:24PM | Updated Date: Mar 21 2018 11:24PM
Take care of the oldFile Photo

Old people have become highly marginalised sections of the society due to the technological revolution as their values have been highly challenged by the Age of ICT. They are feeling segregated and secluded as most of the social and governmental institutions drag the people towards Digitalization of records belonging to the beneficiaries personal and economical profiles like that of Adhaar and land settlement issues which has newer problems for aged people. Their own personal profiles are not so rich that they would switch to the digital world like youngsters. Either ageing people are not qualified to learn subtleties of internet especially of rural and tribal areas or they are poor to use internet. Also they may not have such facilities in their own area. This has resulted in their deprivation and they have been barred from participating in the government sponsored programs. It has also created societal imbalance and the schemes that are exclusively meant for the aged people. Further there is no respite to the elderly as for as the institutional support is concerned.The whole institutional mechanism has turned only a rhetoric and insufficient to really rehabilitate the old. Elderly have lost command almost in every institution of the society. They have been challenged politically and culturally though they too are a part of our cultural and social fabric. 

As for as the health of the elderly is concerned, here elderly are the section of our population that suffers the most.We have not been able to reserve at least some of the wards for them in the hospitals if we can't give them a hospital. Sometimes they have to travel a vast distance only to treat a minor ailment and that to struggle to get treated among the young's who grab  most of the attention of the medical practitioner and that too when the care takers of the aged refuse to accompany them or simply don't afford to spent or invest on them. This has really put great blow to the psyche of the ageing living in the State, rendered them helpless and disappointed. They are seen wandering on the roads and that is the only way they can entertain themselves. Both government and non-government agencies should organize awareness and training programs for the ageing. Let's not forget they young too will get old one day. 


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