The corruption debate

The recent statement of Governor Satay Pal Malik while describing corruption in the state surprised all but himself. Most of the state’s politicians called it a bombshell. Undoubtedly anyone holding a constitutional assignment is not supposed to go too far even if it is the voice of your conscience. Though, Mr. Malik appropriately felt apologetic about the way he had spoken his heart and gave a valid clarification. While rightly silencing his critics, he brought the contentious issue of ever-flourishing corruption in the state into the public domain with an entirely different manifestation. An appearance that describes corruption as the mother of all social ailments and political failures. How far this portrayal is correct and acceptable only time, and the sequence of approaching events will reveal?  

Corruption is corruption! It devours the vitals of moral values and societal ethics. Exploiting it for political reasons and belittling or admonishing any political or social setup is ill-use of trust reposed by the masses. However, having said that any sincere articulation of people’s plight because of deceit and exploitation cannot be altogether brushed aside as misleadingness. While reminding Mr. Malik of his constitutional duty and obligations, we have to give space to his personal opinion about Kashmir’s sociopolitical situation. Beyond holding the constitutional post of Governor and presently heading the State Administrative Council, Mr. Malik holds a human heart which may [at times] beat for the people.

Anyways, a section of people because of their political compulsions are constrained to exploit the metaphoric (definitely beyond the context) statement of the Governor into an issue. Anyone privy to the depths of administrative happenings and decisions coming across huge wrongdoings and favors against consideration is bound to get disturbed. And maybe the present statement of Mr. Malik depicts that fearless anger and revolt against any misgovernment in the past. Whatever the situation, we have to take the Governor’s concern for menacing corruption on its face value. His gubernatorial duties apart the human within him cannot be denied its right to express in symbolic anger what he has seen and experienced during his stay in the state.

While invoking the moral ethics and making sweeping statements about working of the administration during a certain specific period, one has to substantiate it with evidence. Any uncorroborated accusations are simple kite flying in space. Simultaneously, while we claim to be in a democracy, denying the right to defend will be unfair. The people who are accused of corruption and supposed to be involved in wrongdoings should be brought to book without wasting any more time. That way not only the corruption gets contained, but the stand of the Governor will be vindicated. The war of words [tweets and statements] should stop somewhere, and the speculations should get rest in the best interest of the public without much politicizing. It is all in the public domain now, and both the accused and the accusers have to clear their stand before the public.

The present controversy may be viewed differently by different people, but anyone denying corruption in the state will be doing a disservice to the people. Dispelling presence of exploitation in the system just for the sake of political consideration will only strengthen the corrupt and corruption. Political patronization of corruption is a worldwide reality, but it is more intense in this part of the world. The exploitation has been worst and painful for the last seven decades when most of us were made to believe about empowerment and emancipation. It is the common man on the street who is worst hit by dishonesty and favoritism. Politician and the powerful elite make their way through the corridors of power and authority. A cursory look into the fortunes of political fraternity and their allies for the last several decades will reveal tremendous success stories [rags to riches] with minimal leadership efforts and energy. The ugly face of nepotism also took shape during this period with intimidating dimensions leaving no space for qualification and eligibility in almost every field of governance. And with authority, I submit that nothing has changed on this front even today. Nepotistic progeny with their proverbial ‘blue eyes’ are so powerful that they can manage under all circumstances. Also in this unique Gubernatorial tenure!

In a state like Jammu and Kashmir where every word uttered by the people in power and those aspiring to enjoy power matters a lot. So at times accusations and counter-accusations become political narratives that decide contours of approaching politics. Hence while guarded statements are made with logic and reasoning, every word has to be shaped into action. An action that will mean justice and good governance.