The evil of corruption |Nip it in the bud and the results will be better

Government’s decision to constitute fact-finding committees to investigate irregularities in different departments between 2010 and 2018 is a welcome step. However, many people will not like this and will create hurdles in getting this anti-graft process to its logical conclusion. In current materialistic time, whole humankind is suffering at the hands of corrupt in almost all parts of the world. Earlier dishonesty and misdoings were deplored but now it has not only got legitimized but intensely institutionalized. Unethical people have become powerful and command respect in society! This is how societies get rotten and civilizations become extinct. Corruption has entered so deep into our system that it has become a necessary evil. Anyone intending to confront corrupt and fight against corruption must think ten times about the costs.

Anyways, the genesis and the matrix of corruption and nepotism is known to everybody now and defining it more elaborately will yield nothing but disgrace. The government’s decision to choose only a few departments and a particular period obviously will be a well-thought exercise to identify the more severe instances of wrongdoings in the administrative system in the recent past. Though, frankly speaking, corruption in the state is not confined to a few sections of the administration only but it is widespread and in practice since long. The menace of corruption has severely hit the proper and peaceful survival of the common man and pace of development in the state. A lot of people raise the issues of exploitation and try to agitate but a sizable section of the society has got so adapted to corruption they feel as if it is part of the administrative system. This is where the real and effective intervention of the government is required. Government’s present cleansing operation is not new, but it has been an ongoing process. Earlier also such probes were set rolling with a lot of hope to weed out the corrupt, but it yielded nothing instead of getting only the smaller fish into the anti-corruption net.

Practically corruption cannot be removed overnight. It requires a determined and vigorous mechanism with an ability to instill fear within the corrupt and faith among the people. The existing anti-graft institutions which were at occasions weakened by the oligarchies of corrupt and their mentors by one way or the other must be revitalized and strengthened so that people can use them fearlessly against the existing menace of wrongdoing in the system. The present state of these institutions may not be bad but there is a lot of scope for improvement. The people’s movements are always more effective than the government’s sincere efforts, but the public energies need to have a reliable platform and credible mechanism. It should not go waste in the garb of delays, flawed rules, and long drawn formalities. Our ancestors have rightly cast injustice in a few speaking words— ‘justice delayed is justice denied’.

To hold the corrupt from their neck more forcefully government must widen its anti-graft net far and wide. It is not only the developmental departments and schemes were corruption breeds and flourishes but some apparently softer areas within the administration have also come under the shame of corruption. The present monster of corruption behaves like drug-resistant microorganisms and changes shape and form to become unaffected to anti-corruption measures and laws. At present, the worst form of corruption is favoritism against consideration as most of the times it gets unnoticed and unchecked as an erroneous act of oversight. In the corrupt practice of partiality stakes are very high and responsibilities very less. For the last several decades’ favoritism and nepotism have given birth to a huge tribe of nastiest and avaricious corrupt people influencing the whole mechanism of dishonesty.

In addition to present efforts to probe wrongdoings in a timebound manner and fix responsibilities, the government should review all earlier cases through a high-powered committee to ascertain the facts. There are thousands of cases pending with investigation agencies which require proper follow-up for justified investigation and prosecution but the culprits one way or the other influence the system. While on the other hand, false and frivolous cases initiated directly or indirectly by the perpetrators of corrupt practice make many innocents to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous elements. All the cases with anti-graft bodies and commissions need to be put on fast-track so that justice can be delivered well in time. These efforts will prove appropriate deterrents against exploitation and favoritism. The timebound results will encourage the activists and the whistleblowers to help the government and the society to get rid of the corrupt mafia and their cronies. The robust holistic approach of discouraging corruption and multipronged strategy for dismantling the corrupt on proverbial pattern— ‘nip the evil in the bud’ will certainly get the right results.