The Homecoming

Shiv Sena congratulates Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief for speaking (what they call) the `bitter truth'' about Mother Teresa.
The Homecoming
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Shiv Sena congratulates Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief for speaking (what they call) the `bitter truth' about Mother Teresa. Bhagwat had earlier raked up the old controversy of conversion and held the long dead Mother responsible for fostering conversions in the country.

Her real mission, the RSS believes, was not to help the needy, but to convert people to Christianity. The Sena is quite convinced that the RSS chief's statement would help Ghar Wapsimovement. A good news for `original' Hindus that ultimately all non-Hindus will have to settle down as the believers of Lord Shiva. Where shall we go then?

Turn Hindus and be blest or stay Muslims and be damned. 

Well, we are not here to decide as to whether the old lady can be hailed as a god or dismissed as a fraud. Otherwise also there are two divergent opinions about her in the Christian world too.

Did she really `use' religion as a cover to promote her policy of conversion or she was a white angel who offered shoulder to millions of hapless souls around the world.

Was she masquerading herself as a philanthropist or she led by example by being with lepers discarded by the rest of the society as untouchable. 

The point we underscore here is a wishful self-righteousness and a plane rejection of others. Before we feel so excited in our condemnations against the RSS or the Shiv Sena, we face the same question.

If Hindus call conversion to Hinduism as the homecoming, Christians are sure the salvation lies in the Church, Jews are already a chosen people who have been given (as Christopher Hitchens puts it so satirically) a `biblically mandated real estate' in the form of Israel, Muslim are `the first' or `the best' to stake their claim on God's `deliverance project'.

The thread common in all is the finality of the argument. These different versions of `homecoming' have rendered us spiritually homeless.

Our respective claims are irrefutable and every other claim (except our own) is wrong. Each of us captures the light of truth with others still reeling under darkness. 

Where then lies the truth? The exclusive claims made by the followers of almost all known religions of the world make the truth even more elusive. Any slightest retreat from the line irreversibly drawn is our version of heresy.

But who knows only those `heretics' who challenge all exclusive rights on religion may be the real believers whose homecoming will liberate us from the bondage of bigotry. 

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