The horror unimaginable

Need we say anything more?

Hassan Zainagiree
Srinagar, Publish Date: Apr 19 2018 10:36PM | Updated Date: Apr 19 2018 10:36PM
The horror unimaginableFile Photo

For complete three months the Indian political class across the ideological divide, the print and electronic media, the civil society – all who matter and wield influence— turned deaf, dumb and blind to the horrific rape and murder of a child in Kathua.

There was widespread outrage both in assembly and outside and the state government directed Crime Branch of state police to investigate the case and bring the criminals to the book. As the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Crime Branch began to nab the culprits—among them some police personnel too—the  communal forces of the Jammu region lost no time to polarize the state on religion lines. They rallied under, what they called, Hindu Ekta Manch, and arranged rallies and staged demonstrations (you will be shocked to know) in defense of the accused,  in support of the rapists, murderers and conspirators eloped to Nazi’s wicked mentality. The stink of bias and hatred towards Muslims was on its highest when two BJP state ministers, Chaudhry Lal Singh (forest) and  Chander Prakash Ganga (industry) came miles down to support the rally. 

As the Crime Branch’s investigation brought to the fore the details of the shocking crime, the screams of the victim from her grave became shriller. To extract solidarity and unified condemnation of the heinous crime from all  human beings irrespective of their geographical, political, national and religious persuasions. No blackout of the report in present age of advanced technology would stop truth from breaking up the heavy curtains of censorship. Seeing that all their machinations  to block the information of such a revolting  case has failed and  even as distant a city as New York the stink is causing revulsions, at home in Delhi the politicians, journalists, anchors and panelists, actors, players and musicians began to voice their disdain and anger. In this vote-politics obsession, both secular and nationalist forces are primarily concerned of and driven to, what I should say, majority appeasement.  That is why when Jammu Bar Association called for a Jammu Bandh last week against investigation by the Crime Branch, Congress supported the Bandh call. JK Congress leader, Ghulam Ahmad Mir, in order to prove that Congress in Jammu is no less Hindu nationalist than BJP, termed the probe by Crime Branch motivated and supporting the HEM’s demand for CBI probe said ‘let their point be heard’. (His video is out for all to judge why Congress is called B team of Sangh Parivar). 

And don’t forget the president of the JBA, Salathia, is the very person who has been the chief polling agent of the Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, MP from JK state. Congress-affiliated lawyers leagued together in JBA’s every ignominious and outrageous action with the Kathua  Bar Council—from supporting the HEM to its obstructing the CB from submitting charge sheet against the eight accused in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate. The KBC swelled in pride and with Jai Sri ram thundered ‘We blocked their (Crime Branch officials) entry in the chamber of CJM.. We clearly told the CJM that we will not allow the presentation of challan in the case’( GK, April 10). Such a bravado, such arrogance is clear endorsement of the brutal and heinous crime. Devils will be celebrating in the skies over the kind of legacy they have bequeathed. As the Crime Branch pieced together the evidence and connected  the missing links, it got unveiled that rape and murder was part of a carefully planned strategy to drive out minority nomadic community from their areas. Was it then the real motive for which the HEM was created and attempts made to shield the culprits?

 The barbarity of the crime was too dehumanizing to be explained in words. Repeating the scene how it happened pains us further. The lawyer community from Jammu and Kathua far from being committed to their professional ethics,  showed their communal colour. Kathua Bar Council offered legal assistance free of cost to the accused. Then to coerce SIT into giving up administration was warned, stating  that today they have Tiranga in hands, tomorrow they will have AK 47 and bombs. (Just pause and think, had the same threats echoed from Kashmir,  netas and news channels from Delhi would have pounced on the ‘prey’ and in hot pursuit demanded rolling of heads and banishment.

With the ripple effect of the heinous crime being felt  across the border and on social media, and forcing a break in silence, we have seen a sudden wake up from all who matter. PM Modi  ensuring justice and two ministers supporting accused forced to resign. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lighting candles, sports stars, Bollywood  celebrities expressing condemnation and corporate media seized of the issue and making a cause with the victim’s family. This show of solidarity with the families of the victim, as the trajectory of wait and see did show, was not because of conscious choice but the realization that too much catholicity regarding brazenly shameful silence was nauseating. Whatever the reason, this lining up in support of the victim and justice, though belated,  need to be taken to its logical conclusion. The accused should be made example of by hanging them.  That not only will  satisfy collective conscience of the society, but also deter the potential criminals. 


Salute to the officials of the Crime Branch for staying steadfast under pressure and defying all threats. IGP Crime Branch, Afhadul Mujtaba; SSP Crime Branch, Kumar Jala; Peerzada Naved, heading SIT, and Deepika Thuso Singh pursuing case on behalf of victim’s family need to be named and praised for their unwavering commitment to their profession, more so amid attempts to communalize the horrific crime.        



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