The Kathua aftermath

Flames of fire in the backyard

Mir Imaad Rafi
Srinagar, Publish Date: Nov 18 2018 11:42PM | Updated Date: Nov 18 2018 11:42PM
The Kathua aftermathRepresentational pic

Kathua case is a tragedy that reminds us of human immorality. It also shows how dirty can politics be. A blot on the humanity that shook the nation has failed to settle questions about the fate of intimidated, horrified and tormented minorities in Jammu region. A chilling reminder of the Jammu massacre, a sinister plot of brutal wiping out of a population, where a child lost her honor, her life and left us with scars to endure.

In this tragedy where our mourning was questioned, this manufactured attempt of the exodus was shamelessly equated and justified by the right-wing leaders as a reflection of what Hindu minorities faced in Kashmir during the peak of militancy. No sooner, politics showed its color, by playing communal, divisive and extremist. In this, undeterred support by the Jammu civil society, lawyers and local politicians, state cabinet ministers belonging to the BJP and even members of the Congress, put up a joint united front in protecting the accused. We were told that let law take its own course, we rightly believed in the judicial wisdom and prudence of justice delivery. However, all of it failed to contain the over growing nature of politics where a child's tragedy continues to be celebrated, justified and endorsed giving it a color of religion and shielding the victims. In search of cannon fodder, all the political parties continue to speak in one tone. The BJP and the Congress share common grounds to shame, humiliate and threaten a community while Valley's regional parties have blissfully forgotten their moral responsibility to reach out to the victim's family and the intimidated community. Deeply contemplating about the participation in elections and government formation, they have turned their faces away from reality. The regional mainstream political parties posing a Muslim leadership front, have thrown the Muslim minorities of Jammu region vulnerable at the hands of communal fanatics and rogue elements, acting as mute spectators they have added to the irony of losing ground for secular politics. Confined to issues of government formation and local elections, the regional parties have themselves faded away from the scene by reasonably ensuring protection to the victims of Kathua tragedy and the minorities around.

Swooping upon an innocent child's life, the legal trajectory seems awfully reduced to nothing but an extended PR campaign for the lawyers who audaciously fed on this tragedy without even contesting the matter before the court, attending only twice out of 110 court hearings. This political orchestra and professional misconduct of a lawyer, who posed to be a crusader of justice, have taken a toll on justice for the victim. Justice seems to be a distant dream for the victim’s family only because we all have conveniently fallen into oblivion.

Tail Piece: If we the people of Kashmir fail to unite today against this social onslaught on the weak, timid and abused minorities of Jammu, then there should not be any cause, political, or any leadership claims from either quarters whether mainstream or separatists. Also, the notable holder of the title and responsibility of leading Valley's religious spectrum must ensure beyond politics, that there is a religious necessity to secure the rights of a tormented, abused and marginalized minority living not far but in the backyard of the Valley. If we stand as a socially responsible society that comes above religion and politics, then only we hold the legitimacy to criticize the fanaticism spawned at the hands of the right wing.

(The author is a Srinagar based practicing advocate by profession)


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