The lock down trial

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Man has been caged in the free world of modern day, in wide daylight and the dark hours, dawn and dusk seem the same for him. The corona virus has engulfed the entire planet without fear, favour and bias. This must make man realise his vulnerability against the wild and deadly creatures of the physical world. The balance of nature has been let loose. The war between the wild and the civilised has spelled doom for the latter. Man can no more take pride in his feats of technology, scientific power or the deadly amassed weapons of precision. He is hell bent to kneel in the face of the disaster. Moreover, this enemy is invisible, virulent and non-negotiable. There can be no manipulation, nor can the virus be lured into puppetry. For the first time I have begun to feel that life is a dream and death is real.

A microscopic virus has imprisoned and threatened us in wide day light.

The lock down across the world reflects the course of arrogance and recklessness of modern age man, in the garb of freedom, freewill and rights. This period is tough.

This reminds me of Adam, Eve and the forbidden apple. It is our natural inclination to pursue what is forbidden.

The food adventures one ventures into is borne out of the modern freewill approach.  Our ancestors did eat quiet a lot of raw food but they learnt what was good as they wandered in wilderness. We are reversing the trend and unlearning the civic traits.

This COVID-19 is not just a food gone wrong issue for certain. We do not know the truth behind this outburst and the conspiracy theories emerge to confuse the masses further. Every region knits the story behind corona spread with their own enemy in mind.

What the world has lost is ‘People ‘. The valuable human resource of the planet. These digital devices right now in your hands are the neo ‘windows’ to see the world today. Not to mention the scenery outside your real window is static with empty roads and silent lanes. The high decibel world has come to a standstill. This cannot be without reason. Nor it can be without cause. Moreover, in spite of the global emergency and grief, there is apathy, intolerance and indifference seen all over all through the digital windows of our electronic devices. The news and media are our only source of information.  Be it the epicentre of Wuhan in China or the affected countries in the world every bit is reported. The reporting of spread is commendable but the interpretation is not. Yes, it is true some faiths have religious sites in another land or far away from hometown. Business and migration pulls and pushes people across the globe. Travelling is inevitable. In the course of time the virus did cling and spread wide across. Awareness came late and the delay to act promptly brought more harm. Be it US, Italy, UK and so on. Then the world started another blame game of ‘ this community, this race, this irresponsible group ‘ and the war was further fuelled with mutual disgust and accusation. Besides man panics in the face of danger and fiddles in peace time. The affected had a reason to travel to their bases and were apprehensive about what might follow if stuck. The unaffected rove their eyes on everyone else as culprits. The world needs to understand there is a responsibility on us towards each other. Irresponsible behaviour in terms of travelling, gathering and crowding will harm us severely. Every need and cause is small to justify this carelessness. Requirement is isolation. The popular story of the middle eastern cave sleepers who slept for 300 odd years in the cave to escape religious persecution is an apt lesson for the present times. When there is destruction all around it is better to cave in. We carry the genes and lineage of the future generation. Human life must go on to inhabit this planet as inheritors. We really need an ark to carry us away from the calamity.

The bitterness and hatred for each other has been fanned even in this crucial times of the world.

The differences with different faiths and race is deeper than the viral pandemic. Moreover, the crisis has spread not just panic and the disease but has ignited racial wars silently. Few even term it the third world war.

This is not a war for sure. For wars are fought for victory and not purely for destruction.

This period has made you and me like our ancient ancestors. The food gatherers, the hunters, the cave men and so on. The main aim of survival was gathering food in abundance. I see every morning when people hurry to buy vegetables, milk and the essentials.

Nobody cares about shopping, partying, playing matches or celebrating. However, we remain the same. The digital windows that is our Phones, iPads, TVs are the only connection with the wider world. Our ancestors also lived pretty much the same way, without knowing much about the other side of the world.

This makes me think about an in-house trial is borne out of the situation. We have imprisoned ourselves for our own good. To break the chain of the disease, this was vital. The human race had to take this difficult decision to stay in, to live further. This has surprised the animal world for sure. I can see again through my digital window that animals across the world are in awe and wonder. Suddenly the nasty, greedy human has vanished from its vicinity. The ozone must have healed a bit though not totally. The fish must have swum without fear closer to the surface. You must have seen the pictures of lions, tigers, deer, turtles breathing free for the first time. There are no boundaries for them today. In fact, the human race has limited its boundaries and caged himself. The sky appears clear; the pollutants have decreased in minute proportion. Though commerce and business are hit but nature has benefitted. This pandemic is no blessing in disguise but it has shown effects. Loss of life and health are irreparable damage to the present civilization. Coming back to the chain of the spread it appears to be unstoppable in every part of the globe. Many believe that ‘This will pass too’.

But the chain of negativity, hatred, intolerance is immortal in human psyche. The negative powers of the world are getting strong like the pandemic. COVID-19 will end someday. The weaknesses of mind and soul do not have a quarantine to hide and heal.

The bars, entertainment hubs, casinos, shopping areas where people indulge in excesses have been temporarily been closed so beware the new trial may be within homes. The in-house trial is as severe than the outside exigencies. The families, the kith and kin, the citizens of the state or the regions are a single body. The whole fabric that holds these units together must be thick. The temptations of the material world, the desire for power and wealth, the mad race for opportunity, the greed for the world has been temporarily halted. The pandemic has paused the outside world but the world within the homes battles its inherent problems. Be it the scarcity of resources, inability of mobility, medical emergency, emotional stress or the interpersonal differences within members of the house, the game is tough inside too. Beware this difficult time may sap your energy or irk your nerves. Stay firm and engage in strengthening the body and mind. The COVID-19 will disappear from our life eventually but the moments inside homes will certainly leave an indelible mark on our mind. So play the game well inside too.

The author is of Karnataka origin settled in Kashmir.