The message of peace

Can it flow from the barrel of a gun!!!

Srinagar, Publish Date: Apr 19 2018 10:51PM | Updated Date: Apr 19 2018 10:51PM
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The military leaderships of India and Pakistan have something new to say. Pakistan army chief’s statement is more significant because their army is influential. At the passing-out parade of cadets at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul Pakistan Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa gave a clear message of reconciliation across the border by saying "it is our sincere belief that the route to peaceful resolution of Pak-India disputes including the core issue of Kashmir runs through comprehensive and meaningful dialogue. While such dialogue is no favour to, any party, it remains the inevitable precursor to peace across the region". And on the other hand, on home turf the Army chief Bipin Rawat while speaking at the 70th foundation day of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry regiment said "There is hope that the situation in Kashmir will's not gone wrong. There are some youths in Kashmir who have strayed and have been radicalised. They think they can achieve their goal through guns. But the time is not far when even they will be convinced that neither the forces nor the terrorists will be able to achieve their goal. We have to together find a way for peace and we will be successful in that," Interestingly, both the generals have issued their encouraging and positive statements almost at the same time and in their own way tried to convey a message of hope and peaceful resolution of Kashmir conflict that may ultimately lead to lasting peace in the subcontinent.    

Every stakeholder in Kashmir issue should carefully read the meaning between the lines and assess the importance of these two powerful statements amid all-time low strained relations between the two countries. Different people may draw different meanings out of these statements! And every political actor on Kashmir front will try to attribute this significant development to their own political ideology and draw political mileage out of it. But at the end of the long dark tunnel, such statements are a ray of hope for desperate Kashmiri people who have been living in a situation of distress for last seven decades. Now the ball lies in the court of the political leadership of both the countries as well as the local leadership in Kashmir. They have to cash this mindset of military might on both sides of the fence and create a conducive atmosphere for introspection, meaningful talks and ultimate resolution of the issue to the best satisfaction of one and all. It won’t be proper to say that ‘better sense has prevailed with military leadership’ on either side, instead the accurate portrayal of these developments is that ‘warriors are out holding an olive branch to give peace a chance after long futile battles’. And if the whole political spectrum in the region will make forward moves with vibes connoting an aura of trust and peace the days are not far when not only Kashmiris will live in peace but the whole region will be at peace.

Undoubtedly, the recent spate of death and destruction in several parts of Kashmir is the offshoot of Kashmir conflict and will continue till this festering sore is not addressed with wisdom and sincere intentions for peace. The trail of death particularly of those innocent budding young people is not what humanity is all about. The death of gun holding people on both sides is also not a pleasing sight and no human wants such situation in his immediate vicinity. Every extremist and every soldier are born to someone and the unbearable pain of their cruel death is known to their mothers only! And to stop this bloodshed the only way-out is a peaceful resolution of K-issue. The two army bosses have given a positive signal and it is now up to all others to explore these calls of peace, reconciliation and ground realities coming directly out of the barrel of ‘otherwise roaring’ guns and rewrite the history of peace and tranquillity in the region.



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