The Miraculous Journey

The heart of every Muslim is filled with love for the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW). As the Prophet (SAW) is the greatest benefactor of humanity, the whole mankind has love for him (SAW). All the Muslims are bound to love Prophet (SAW), by following every deed of his life which will signify that we love him. Allah says about the status of the Holy Prophet (SAW),

“Say (O Mohammad SAW to mankind): If you (really) love Allah then follow me, (Mohammad SAW), Allah will love you…”

The faith of the Muslims demands that Prophet (SAW) should be dearer to them than anybody and anything in this world. A Hadith (Tradition) describes the Prophet as saying,

“None of you has faith unless I am dearer to him than his father and his son and all mankind.”

The Holy Quran says about the life of Prophet (SAW),

“And verily, you (O Mohammad SAW) are an exalted standard of character”

Hazrat Aishah (RA) says about the noble character of the Holy Prophet (SAW) “His character is a complete explanation of Quran.”

It means that whatever is commanded and prohibited in the Quran, its practical example is present in the manners of Mohammad (SAW). Whatever Prophet (SAW) spoke and preached to the humanity is true and perfect and our duty is to believe his sayings completely, which will lead us to the ultimate success and salvation.

The greatest moment of Prophet’s (SAW) life was that when on the commands  of Allah, Prophet (SAW) accompanied by Gabriel, (AS), the archangel, made a journey of the heavens. This miraculous incident happened before 1408 years on 27th of the Islamic month of Rajab during night. It is this miraculous and amazing journey which is called as the Al-Mi-raj.

On 27th of Rajab when Gabriel (AS), the archangel came to Prophet (SAW) during night on the commands of Allah to inform him that Allah wills to meet his beloved Mohammad (SAW). At that time Prophet was taking rest in the small house of Hazrat Umme Hani (RA). During rest also our beloved Prophet (SAW) was remembering Allah in his heart and was praying to Allah for our forgiveness. Allah had commanded to the angels to postpone all their engagements and be ready to receive His beloved Prophet (SAW), the last Prophet and the angel Rizwan, custodian of heavens had been commanded to open the doors of all heavens in honor of Prophet (SAW). The Messenger (SAW) of Allah was carried from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to the distant Mosque in Jerusalem on a horse called Al-Buraq in the company of Gabriel. There he (SAW) alighted and in the Mosque led the Prophets in prayer. After that Gabriel (AS) took him to the heavens on the same Al-Buraq and when they reached the first heaven, Prophet (SAW) saw Adam (AS), the father of mankind. The Prophet (SAW) saluted him and Adam (AS) expressed his faith in his Prophethood. Then Gabriel (AS) took the Prophet (SAW) to the second heaven and there he saw John, the son of Zachariya (Yahya bin Zakariya) and Jesus son of Mary. Prophet (SAW) saluted them and they returned the salutation. On reaching the third heaven, they saw Joseph (Yousuf AS) and saluted him. On reaching the fourth heaven, they met the prophet Enoch (Idris AS).In the fifth heaven; they met the Prophet Aaron (Harun AS). In the sixth heaven Prophet (SAW) met Moses (Musa AS). On meeting Mohammad (SAW), Musa (AS) wept and our Prophet (SAW) asked the reason of weeping and Musa (AS) answered that he was weeping because he could not take his people to the heaven as he (SAW) has been able to do. On the seventh heaven, he met Abraham (Ibrahim AS) and both saluted each other. After the visit of the heavens,  he (SAW) was taken to Sidrat-al-Muntha (the remotest lote tree) and was shown Al- Bait- al-Ma’mur (the much frequented house) which is like the Ka”ba ( Sacred House) encompassed daily by 70 thousand angels who once encompass it, would not get a chance again till the Day of Judgment. Gabriel stopped his journey at this point and told Prophet (SAW), that he can not accompany him because he can not resist the Divine Presence of Allah. According to the Prophet (SAW), from this point, he went ahead alone and passed through many Hijabs, the distance could be traveled in 500 years. He was then presented to the divine presence of Allah and he experienced the joy of the divine glory and manifestation at the closest distance. In the Holy Quran, Allah says,

“Then he approached and came closer.” (Surah, An- Najm—- The Star)

The significance of the miraculous journey was that Allah willed to show the Prophet (SAW) all the signs which He had revealed to him through the Holy Quran so that His beloved Prophet would have faith with certainty. Allah says in the Holy Quran,

“… In order that we might show him (SAW) of our verses. (Ayat”)

The Miraculous Journey was a test for all those people who had accepted Islam as their way of life and it is a test for us also that we believe what our Prophet (SAW) saw and revealed to us from the experience of the Great Journey During The Night. We should be proud of the fact that our prophet (SAW) was exalted in the greatest way.