The Month that Connects

We all know what our state has been through for quite some time now. The uncertainties in the realm of larger politics have rendered us almost helpless to think of any breakthrough in the near future. The pessimism almost creates its own atmosphere and it is ordinarily difficult to break this ring of uncertainty, hopelessness, and despair. The larger set of problems is not just theoretical in nature, or confines itself to the argumentative contestation. It has real consequences for us. It has affected our economy, our education, our health and healthcare., our systems of governance and manners of living – it has brought pressure to all the seams where various facets of the life are stitched together. In this situation only a thing divine can bring some quiet. And here it is for us.

Like each year the blessed month of fasting – Ramadhan – has arrived. This month, apart from its spiritual blessings for an individual, brings forth a sudden change in the overall society. Not just the timings of our routine change, but the way we conduct ourselves also changes. It brings people together. It creates bustling public spaces where fresh, and mutually beneficial, interactions happen. It brings an ease of living with it. A new pattern of relationship between an individual and his surrounding unfolds. For a while we forget our anxieties, and this is something that brings a huge relief to a place that is stuffed with anxieties. Let us all pray, that in this month, we share our concerns with each other. It a is month that promotes the culture of giving. We, as a society, are in need to helping others out. The cumulative sufferings of these years ruined many families. Let the well off come forward and look for the ones who need help. Bring smiles to the faces that are locales of sadness for years now. The way this month provides an opportunity for all of us to gather, it is time to familiarise ourselves with our immediate surroundings. We are now an atomised lot, and many of our societal anxieties have to do with this scattering. This month creates social spaces that can bring us together. That is a real blessing.