The new charter

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Srinagar, Publish Date: Sep 12 2017 11:23PM | Updated Date: Sep 12 2017 11:23PM
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Both Politics and politicians are fast losing credibility as well as respectability. The scenario around us is grim. Initially the revolutionary concept of vesting powers in common people; after wresting it from the hereditary monarchs, kindled hopes that the elected representatives would work for the general weal of common masses but seeing them dashed and trampled with impunity, right minded people have begun to rethink that this non-delivering situation needs to be changed.

In the sub-continent; India, or our state of J&k only couple of names can be found, who have, in the past 70 years, worked selflessly, for the weal and welfare of common masses. Service unto others is Greek, even to those who are supposed to be public-servants, what to expect from the lordly ministers or Babu-bureaucrats, whose very demeanour changes once they straddle the chair. For 99.9 %, foraying in politics is a plunge in the business/ an investment of lifetime, a lucrative, high dividend  job; with pension benefits (- accruing just after one term) and no age limit or pre- requisite outstandingly high marks percentage-worthy of shortlisting for entry (- educated unemployed shouldn’t envy), neither fear of superannuation after attaining 60 age, nor ever forced to sit-in, demanding raise in pay or allowances- as thousands of other Government employees do it on the streets, now and then. About perks, privileges, windfalls, silent-revenue, ego-boosting- lal-batti and siren culture and gun-toting guards –for status symbol etc etc; that these neo-maharajas enjoy, the less I say here is better, for public knows all.

The dismal state of affairs can be seen in every ministry, every department, though they go all the way, trying to convince us that “all is well”. People no more trust the hyped results projected by the politicians and their bureaucrats; be they in the form of press releases, power point presentations, and periodical jugglery of statements and tabulated figures. Majority of common people do sense that they are being cheated by these very men who promise moon and stars, a tomorrow better than yesterday, during election campaigns and rallies and in craftily worded manifestos-that are ultimately kept in ornate show cases- better called cold storage . Nothing noticeable really happens. Nothing appreciable. Just superficial cosmetic brush work.  Decade after decade schemes and plans continue to be floated, of course rechristened, bearing newer names- latest in thing being Hindi versions; but the issues, even about basic amenities, continue to remain unresolved; just carried forward various grievance cells instituted for redress-al are a sham; farcical at the best; especially the on line ones. Add to this farce the public darbars, again under full glare of cameras.. The lot of people remains pathetic. Just measure the time and space consumed by complaints and grievances in daily/ prime-time News segments of various popular non-governmental TV channels and NEWS-papers; though few people get a chance to speak up and few take pen in hand even when citizen journalism is encouraged.

   In view of bad governance and practically non-governance and non-accountability, recalling the elected representatives before the completion of the term ( 5-6 years), could be a remedy but will these MLAs, MPs and ministers allow this to happen quickly and smoothly? Till that day dawns they all will stay comfortably put. 

  I know not a single selfless, genuinely honest person, passing the touch-stone of Haqooq ul ibbaad who has devoted his life to the service of weak people and taken a-token-salary of 100 Rs. People too prefer to get duped, even after seeing many regimes- when exit of one set of strutting, complacent, maharajas was replaced by the other; not different in performance or ill-deeds from predecessors. Who has made positive, futuristic contribution in making Kashmir the paradise? Who is sincerely working for a lasting peace? The ilk, their inheritors and their helpers are benefitted by the franchise system where even abstinence by 80% is overlooked.   But newly introduced NOTA is there if truly-impeccable public representatives is not listed. 

   So Enough! Let there be a new peoples charter; a pledge.

   We will choose such a ONE or NONE this time.




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