The Night of Power and Honor

The Holy month of Ramadan is not special only because during this month the Muslims across the globe keeping fast but also because it was in this month that the Holy Qur’an was revealed to the last Prophet of Islam and in this month there is a night which is better than thousand months. The Qur’an says: “We revealed it (the Qur’an) on the night of power. Would that you knew what the night of power is like. Better is the night of power than a thousand months. On that night the angels and the spirit descend by their Lords permission, with all his decrees. That night is peace, till the break of dawn” (Surah al-Qadr)

This Surah articulates about the promised great night which the whole creation marked with felicity and prayers. It is the absolute rapport between this world and the highest society. It is the night which marked the commencement of the revelation of the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), an occasion unsurpassable in the history of mankind for its magnificence and the significance it has for the life of mankind as a whole. Its greatness is far beyond human realization

The night of power is the night of spiritual bliss. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is reported to have said concerning this blessed night: “Verily this month has come to you, and therein is a night which is better than thousand months. Whosoever is deprived of it is deprived of all good: and none is deprived of its good except a totally unfortunate person. And whosoever stands up in prayer at the night of power out of faith and is hopeful of reward, all his past sins will be forgiven”(Ibn Majah). Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said: “Lailat-ul-Qadr has been bestowed by Allah to my Ummah (people). It was not given to any people before this”. Although there are different reports in different traditions regarding the exact night, it is almost unanimous that the blessed night occurs in one of the last ten nights of Ramadan and more probably in one of the last ten odd nights. Aisha reported that the Apostle of Allah said: “Search for the blessed night in the odd (nights) from the last ten (nights) of Ramadan” (Bukhari). It is a great universal event of the revelation of the Qur’an and the assigning of the message to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), also the greatest and the most valuable events which the universe has witnessed. This night is great because Allah has chosen it for the revelation, and divine peace may be spread in human life conscience. This night is great because of which Qur’an includes; an ideology, a basis for values and standards and a comprehensive code of moral and social behavior, all of which promote peace within the human soul and in the world. This night is great because of the descent of the angels, and Jibrial (A.S) in particular, by their Lord’s permission carrying the Qur’an which was sent on that very night. Aisha is said to have reported: O Messenger of Allah! What if I knew which night (Laila-ul-Qadr, then what should I say in it? He said: Allahumma innaka ‘affuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa f’fu annaa” (O Allah, you are forgiving and you love forgiveness, so forgive me) (Tirmidihi).

We, the Muslims, are commanded not to forget or neglect this event. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) has taught us an easy and enjoyable way to commemorate that night, so that our souls may always be in close communion with it and the universal event which took place in it. He has urged us to spend the night of each year in devotion. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to work hard and used to offer prayers all the night, and used to keep his family awake for the prayers. In this Holy month of Ramadan let us strive to seek the night of power and its bliss. May Allah reward us with His bountiful blessings? Aameen!

Author teaches at Department of Islamic Studies, Govt. Degree College Pampore.