The ominous Moon

We await the new crescent with bated breath. It is the moon which has waned itself to its tiny version. There is always a string of hopes attached to it that something glittering with re-assurance will appear. But the part of the world we are lodged upon waxes the possibility of ours being pessimist every four sides. Through pessimism is forbidden in our Book of the manifesto of the universe.

Though we wish that we got extricated from the gas chamber to be our lodge. While not wishing we get deeper and deeper in this chamber but it is enhanced in its length and breadth of our hapless house .

W e spread our legs  and they land right, left and centre. In centre, we touch Delhi, which has been declared as a ‘Gas Chamber’ under the caption: “Better not to be in Delhi , its like a ‘gas chamber’.” (TOI: 19.01.2019). Though index was to express despair over non-implementation of measures to curb pollution.  And pollution definition goes beyond the environmental overtones.

These overtones have all our surroundings as their implicit meaning area & jurisdiction.  The drug-menace has venomously polluted our healthy living and our youth are on their way to perish.

We are losing ground beneath our feet and are a society malignantly sick in making . The onus lies on the well-meaning leaders and the  mouthpieces of pulpit, who speak less in this behalf. Our law-enforcing agencies have done dismal so far.

One who kills has very minimal knowledge as to why is he killing; one who dies has equally very minimal wisdom as to why he dies. The lingua-franca lives in despair and words are losing their definitions. We are unconcerned  to know our GDP, know our  economy, know our past and know our future.

History is said to be the mirror for the past and lesson for the present. We are hopelessly ignorant of our history. We call degrees the measuring tool of the knowledge. The quality of knowledge is anemic. And our fruition in erudition is insipid.

The monster of crime is spreading its carcinogenic wings over our heads. Our  daughters are not safe and secure with their fathers. We denude our forests and add to our fertile soil be  barren desert like expanse. We add to the insults of global warming and global cooling.

We have become sick of receiving the diabolic arrows on our bodies and soul. We have turned our backs to the commandments of the Lord of the universe, and the glorious, splendid and magnificent ambassador , SAW;  who has protected the entire humanity from the fatal evils, every time ready to make us prey.

Our corrupt and defiantly parasite community has sucked the entire sauce of our life. Our bridges are falling, our medicines are forfeit , our education is sleeping the rotten fluid, red and white both. Our hospitals have stooped to stables status, lacking even quick oxygen to save lives. We have become a vegetable of stinking rot. Our moons come, whether crescent or full, but ominously knock at our door to receive every additional rot. This adequately showing us the mirror of the past and the present.

“Isn’t there any  saner person among you to  be righteous ”  (Al-Quran)