The story of nightmare and cricket gods

You may call cricket the ‘game of gentlemen,’ a game which involves much decency but it is equally the game of sadism almost, the set of heartbreaks. From the booing of the crowd towards Steven Smith to Virat Kohli’s approach to defending him when he asked the crowd to cheer for him, the World Cup 2019 was full of sensational moments.

In the recently concluded ICC World Cup 2019, we witnessed both the things. We observed how the Blackcaps reacted to the defeat, which was a fault of the rulebook or shall I call it a human error when Kumar Dharmasena signalled six runs that actually should have been only five. I don’t believe how cricket gods can be so cruel, especially when it comes to Kiwis with the likes of skipper in the form of Kane Williamson or the smiling assassin.

When it comes to the moments of melancholy and peripeteia, New Zealand was the only victim. Unpredictable Pakistan got an equal share of unfortunate ploy from the cricket gods. The Men in Green disastrously started their journey against West Indies who looked off colors throughout the tournament. However, wait, there are so many things upon whom we couldn’t trust in this World Cup. Be it English weather which was disappointed in the first part or the umpiring errors, especially in the latter part; all these are part and parcel of untimely approaches. Talking further about Pakistan, everything went smoothly till first seven matches as happened in the World Cup 1992. Though Pakistani’s had ‘let’s redo’ tag in 2015 when it comes to similarities, expectations failed, and when expectations fail, you’re bound to have a heartbreak. It is interesting to mention that mercurial Pakistan was the only team who defeated both the finalists but rules…

The cricket gods didn’t have different approaches with the teams only, but the individual players got an equal share as well. Be it Shoaib Malik of Pakistan who had this World Cup full of disappointing outings or Hashim Amla’s journey which includes only two fifties from his bat throughout the tournament. The list gets bigger and bigger from Shikhar Dhawan’s thumb injury that cost India instability in the opening slot to Dale Stey n’s shoulder injury that proved a setback for South Africa.

Not taking away any thrilling moments from it, we witnessed a significant bit of cricket as well. Be it unplayable yorker from Mitchell Starc to Ben Stokes to single-handedly grab from Jimmy Neesham; there were dozen of such instances only in the grand finale.

However, sticking with the fortunate and unfortunate part of the game, there was overall dominance, which played a proper role. Whether the washed-out games in which Sri Lanka suffered most to Guptill’s run-out, all one can say is, ‘how can cricket gods be so cruel.’