The Tragedy of Karbala

The Tragedy of Karbala

To keep the flag of the prophets fluttering high

The month of Muharram of the Islamic calendar is running, and its tenth day is the day of the martyrdom of Hazarat Imam Husain (AS), the beloved grandson of the highest, revered and exalted messenger of Allah, Muhammad(SAW).

Muhammad looked upon this darling grandson as the savior of Islam and humanity. Husain (AS) when fully grown up represented truth and became the lighthouse in the ocean of gathering gloom of diabolism, represented by Yezid, the tyrant and a profane king of Syria, holding the control of almost all the Muslim countries (especially Arabia), now independent.

This is true that truth and satanism had their roots from the onset of the human race on this planet, when the first martyr, Habeel (Abel) was slain by his own brother Qabeel (Cain) for the jealousy he had for his brother for being righteous.

The tide of time went ahead and even exalted prophets were slain, and they had to confront the worst satans, in the shape of kings, with all the might at their command to crush the right and righteous. This is reminded by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal in the following verse:

Moosa wa Firaun, Shabbir-o-Yezid,

In du quwwat az hayat amad padeed.

Moosa representing the divine line of truth and the pharaoh (Firaun) representing the satanic and diabolic path, with cruelty, tyranny and everything heretic. They were both in discord for representing the incoherent and discordant mights, had to smash against each other. Briefly, Husain had no substitute but to antagonize all what scattered the warp and woof of the manifesto left behind by all the prophets.

He had all the virtues, to unravel the new satanic canvas and keep the flag of the prophets fluttering high, who also represented all, The Flag of Allah, at the cost of everything dear to them.

Husain with his virtues for the sacred deed became the king of humanity, as uttered by Hazarat Khwaja Aajmeri (RA), he says:

Shah ast Husain

Baadshah ast Husain

Sar daad na daad dast

Dar dast Yezid,

Haqqa ki binaya Laillah ast Husain.


[Husain is the Monarch, Husain is the king, who gave his head but not his hand in the Yezid’s hand,

Husain is indeed the bedrock of the Laillah (the slogan of God’s sovereignty propounded by Islam)]

Husain as such had a vision of saving the dear Islam and humanity in his ablest capacity of perceiving everything surrounding the humanity and the venom, whose jar was enjoined to humanity to drink by Yazid, so that Islam and the vast manifesto of one lakh and twenty-four prophets withers in nothingness and Allah’s Flag remains a rag of futility.

He came out and travelled the arduous sojourn to Karbala (Iraq) from Madinatul Munawwarah. His tiny army was what? Nothing but a few days back born infant, all the ladies (mostly old), few companions (mostly old), and few teenaged children of his dynasty.

Of course, he was accompanied by a bravest and young brother Abbas (34), who had the capacity of putting the world upside down with his strongest muscles of arms, but was commanded by Husain to adopt restraint that proves what Iqbal says:

Muddayash Saltanat Budey agar

Taa na kardey ba chinin saman safar

Husain, all his companions, even his infant son where decapitated mercilessly and their ladies where incarcerated. His blood became itself a Flag of “why?” against the oppression, and this “why?” became the blaze to the diabolical flag of Yazid which stood to flutter against the flag of Allah. Islam survives again, humanity takes a breath of life again, and we are delivered from the pangs, which were pushing us in the lap of diabolical cradle; all this well-interpreted by Allama Muhammad Iqbal:

Naqsh-e-illallah ber Sarah navisht,

Satr-e-unwan najat-e-maa navisht

Husain carved out in the simmering sands of karbala by his blood “Laaillah”. It is the line of salvation for us written on the slate of time.

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