The United stands divided

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Election for choosing the next president of the United States of America was held on November 3rd but the final outcome is not in sight as yet. Vice President Joe Bidden has already declared his victory but as far as the incumbent president Donald Trump is concerned he is in absolute denial mode. Even before the elections he had started to caution his supporters that there is a likelihood of a large scale fraud and bungling by the other side and they are trying to steal it from him. Surprisingly even now there is no official word or declaration of the results.

Trump campaign raised multiple disputes viz a viz impartiality of these elections. And the incumbent president Donald Trump is showing no signs or intention of leaving his office. He is even now running his administration as business as usual and passing orders. He has fired his defence secretary and has refused to impose any lockdown despite phenomenal rise in Covi-19 cases across the country.

While appearing before the press for the first time after the elections he took the credit for making a phenomenal progress in finding of the treatment and vaccine for Covid-19 which as on date has taken away about two hundred fifty thousand lives in the United State alone.  But he made no direct reference whatsoever to the election results, however, he indirectly admitted that he does not know which administration will be in the office and may have to carry forward this fight.

The recent elections were held in the United States on highly divisive and polarized lines. Blue and red states, black and white voters and what not; so as to say in fact Republicans in general and Trump in particular are trying to do away the democratic process itself for which America was known world over. A welcome sign indeed for its adversaries like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and other such countries. The United States right now is almost all divided into two, over seventy million poplar votes on both side, and the losing side refusing to concede the defeat. While as majority of white voters are on the republican side and the black, brown, Latino and other ethnic groups and the working class white voters on the democratic side. Both have now resorted to streets and God know where all this may end up.

The people have begun to question the very democratic process being pursued by the country for centuries now, and want a change. President Trump last time round won the election on the basis of good number of Electoral College votes although he had actually lost it as far as the popular votes were concerned. There are smaller states having less eligible voters having more Electoral College votes while as big states with more eligible voters having comparatively less Electoral College votes. You can win a state and Electoral College votes allotted to it constitutionally even if you win a state by a bare margin of single polar vote. This, most of the Americans right now think is flawed and want to do away with.

There are almost equal numbers of red and blue states and it is ultimately the few small swing states that hold the key to the power and decide as to who shall be the next president of the most powerful country in the world.

President Trump has mainly suffered because of wrath of the Covid -19 pandemic otherwise he was doing well as far as economy and jobs were concerned and could have won second term quite easily as against less assertive democratic candidate Joe Biden. He is now desperately trying to raise the hoax of a large scale voter fraud in order to keep his base alive and intact. He is in fact planning to run again in the 2024 elections. Otherwise more than anybody he knows well that he has lost this battle and shall have to leave the White House on the schedule time and date to make room for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their team, to take over the new administration for at least next four years from now on.