This is not the way

This is not the way

Crackdown on coaching centres will only harm the student community

The current crackdown on the coaching institutions came as a shock to both valleys  students and teachers. These students were going ahead with their syllabi with ease and comfort. The way authorities are operating has become a hurdle in their normal functioning and resulted in distress in our student society.

More importantly, this move has come at a time when Kashmiri students are going through the most difficult times in their academics. The crackdown on coaching centers by the authorities has depressed students which otherwise are termed as the assets of the nation by the same bureaucrats who created nuisance in the student society.Thus the ego of our authorities permit them to put their children in agony. They are doing it on minor issues which could be solved amicably. This approach of the authorities can cost them very dear in the future. 

Although they claim to do it all for the betterment of our student society, we do appreciate their concern for us. But their undue interference is creating problems. If they are really concerned towards students, they have to make it sure that their actions do not become hindrance in the normal class work of students. The way they are cracking down on coaching classes has disturbed the whole scene. 

The most important issue which has concerned authorities is the number of students per class.As per there rule there must be only eighty to ninety students per class. But please answer, what the head of institute will do that time when the parents including grand parents insist the head of an institute for the admission of his or her grand son or son. Then it becomes a compulsion to admit more than required.

The other matter was regarding time. If coaching centres stick to the time schedule where lies the problem. The next issue is registration. As usual registration in Kashmir leads to frustration and the same is the case with our coaching centres. When they opt for registration, they are asked to pay huge sums which results in frustration and thwards the whole process of teaching and learning. 

Therefore the respected authorities should end this hooliganism and harassment of coaching centers and instead must forge unity with these institutions for the betterment of our society. That alone will do us some good, this way they are doing a great disservice to the community.