Timeless Truth

Moments flit. Months flutter. Time just flails on. Gradually. Pages of calendar and beats of clock signal us to life’s ephemeral saga.

We are born. We grow. We live. We wither. And we die. The story of life begins. And ends. Along the way, we step on varied experiences. The world teaches us lessons.

Season of joys and jitters; and hours of smiles and sighs—A slice of life purports an amazing mosaic… Some wonderfully meaningful memories and some agonizingly educative pain!

We re-learn many a bitter truths. We de-learn many a nasty facts. We struggle to understand the basic nuance: the life we have had.

Transition seems so agile. A hop over from one point to another so nimble—A child. Innocence. A young. Frivolous. An adult. Shrewdness. An old. Wisdom. The Time brings in myriad of surprises. Some tangible. Some subtle. Some inspiring. Some dreary.

We see people in black and blue. We apprehend events in and out. We smell things good and bad. We counter situations gracing and humiliating. We recognize real and unreal. We discover relations true and false. We explore personalities deep and shallow. We feel emotions fervent and feeble. We capture realities easy and hard.

Time marks a change. In every aspect…However, ‘Time is a wealth of change, but the clock in its parody makes it mere change and no wealth’ (Tagore). The change becomes inevitable. Parody turns pitiless. We can’t see Time but it makes us see everything. This remains a timeless truth.

Calendar also changes. Its message changes. Its display changes. The days of holidays change. Months change. And so changes Life!

Somewhere deeper, a gist of Life gathers meaning. Some reason to this strife called Life catches a greater purpose than a mere survival game. The Objective expands as every passing moment calls us to good and better deeds for we never know what will happen next.

Of course, life teases and taunts. At times, it appears as a hazy illusion fading before our stare. We pull out all the stops to grapple clarity and give answers to our very own questions. Seldom answers come easily. We are meshed up in a whirlpool of vulnerability….Fikhray Duniya Main Ser Khapata Hoon…

Each fleeting moment and incident only adds upon the next, making it ever difficult to know where truly we belong. Confused and exhausted, our vain search rarely brings solitude and tranquility.

We know certain things better. Certain we assume we know. And yet, certain we don’t know at all. A strange hauteur overtakes us foolishly. Over some span, we feel we are quite invincible. We gawk at harsh realities and mock at irrevocable fate of time.

But eventually we find ourselves inexorably heading towards the End, with each day dawning new experiences on us. Steadily, we realize that we are living in a scary world and scary things happen every day, and we cannot be off the hook for our conduct. Someday, this will be we too, as it will be everyone else…Noah Ki Kishti Ko Dekhta Hoon, Hauz-i-Nadamet Mein Dooba Hua Hoon….

We take awkward and uneasy revelations of Life head-on. A huge collision that leaves us wondering about the inanity and futility of the trivialities we vigorously trap ourselves in. Life has no choice but to scoff us before we sneer at it.

Bottomline: The calendar turns silent spectator. Every leaf rides over past, steps intrusively into Life beyond this life. The beats of clock unfold nonchalance. Every tick hurries to the World beyond this world. The shallowness but gets exposed. The meanings but get explicit.