Today is Tomorrow

Today is Tomorrow

Our choice today will determine our politics tomorrow; but are we making any!

If Kashmir can live-with Congress why not with BJP, is nothing else but a sick logic. Argumentation is the nature of man. Thus the severity of self-interest is quite capable of manufacturing as severe an argument to justify even an utterly unjustifiable position.

Wicked and wild ambition is sure to stun the mind; obviously such a sick condition will render an otherwise a rationale person, logic-blind. That condition can easily be described as a case of hyper-self-deception.

Kashmir over the years could survive the stranglehold of the control,  why this reluctance now; the self deceiving notion seems to bemuse us with this absolutely bewildering logic. Lo and behold, see the desperation of self-deception; it even portrays Narendra Modi as a statesman.

Who can deny the diabolical influence of Congress over Kashmir? The Congress leadership right from the day has most vigorously pursued an evil design to fully “integrate” Kashmir against its free-will. It’s also a fact that the promise of Greater Autonomy ultimately has just proved to be an enticement for Kashmir, to reject the logic of Partition: The-Two-Nation theory.

And if we come to conclude that the dispute in and over Kashmir is due to the parochial and possessive mindset of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, the history bears witness to such a conclusion. Therefore Congress has not only destroyed the Greater Autonomy that actually New Delhi never truly intended to concede. The dispute and bloody conflict on Kashmir, virtually keeping hostage not only welfare but very survival of a billion plus population of sub-continent, is bequest of Congress leadership. 

Then resistance leadership could very well recognise this diabolical influence. That’s the reason why it gave credence to the idea that Congress is an alien moreover a corrupting influence. Ironically the same yet aging leadership in 1975 provided acceptability to Congress.

The 1975 agreement was just a power-sharing agreement, nothing less and nothing more. Sheikh Abdullah after the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1972 had hardly remained a threat to India’s quest of “integrating” Kashmir. Yet he was crowned as chief minister only to provide credibility to something really detested in Kashmir.

Farooq Abdullah briefly resisted the machinations but was finally tamed in 1986. National Conference, the votary of Greater Autonomy, was forced to contest the infamous 1987 assembly elections in company of Congress, the prime catalyst of “integration”.  Since then NC has always been dancing on the tunes of New Delhi.

None in Kashmir could imagine an Abdullah becoming part of Vajpayee led NDA regime. But that’s only how dirty power politics has essentially revealed itself in Kashmir. Such is the diabolical nature of association with Congress or for that matter with Delhi, for every Kashmir leader, towering or small; it eventually has proved to be a kiss of death.

Sheikh Abdullah’s abject surrender consigned him to the dustbin of history, soon to be replaced by the new generation of resistance leadership. Kashmir is graveyard of reputations, the cheerleaders of Sangh Parivar, should bear this in mind.             

Congress has proved to be the worst detractor of Kashmir, no two opinions about that ugly reality. If we have endured the worst and still survived, whatever comes next should ordinarily not bother us. Kashmir will indeed overcome no qualms about that. Yet we need to understand the looming dangers.

Thus far we were faced with the challenge of forced political integration, now we may be compelled to confront the divisive design of violent cultural assimilation. We hope that the wicked desires desperate to provide acceptability to the evil forces of cultural assimilation, could distinguish a stark difference between, culture and politics, assimilation and integration.

Up till now only our political distinctiveness was under siege. What do the statements of core RSS leadership — “settle 10 lakh ex-servicemen in the Kashmir valley” and “there is an opportunity in 2014 to get back lost Kashmir”— really connotes? 

After pulverising the unique political character of Kashmir, the divisive forces have now embarked upon to destroy the cultural personality of Kashmir. The new emerging divisive forces in India are given to believe that the cultural personality of Kashmir hinders the so-called process of assimilation.

Sheikh Abdullah was of the view that the idea of Greater Autonomy will not only safeguard the Muslim character of Kashmir but will also act as a buffer between Pakistan. The Sangh Parivar however downrightly condemns the idea of Autonomy as extension of Pakistan. And it believes that time has come to do away with the present cultural character of Kashmir.

Forced political integration is a diabolical influence; however, the design of cultural assimilation is certain death. We may be forced to live with a Devil, but how can we live with death? There has to be a trade-off between the two, either it’s life or else it’s death. How can we continue to live-on if we are forced to embrace the death? What a diabolical confusion, the wicked and sick ambitions, are hell bent upon to disseminate.                                

A moderate approach in its essence signifies a rational behaviour. The self appointed moderates through their achievements were expected to empower Kashmir. That only would have enabled Kashmir to defeat extremism of all hues. The so-called moderates dazzled by the lure of power have wittingly or unwittingly assumed the role of Trojan’s horse. 

The divisive agenda of Sangh Parivar in reaction will only give rise to the countervailing forces of extremism. Owing to these extreme desires, alas Kashmir continues to suffer. [email protected]