Tough task

Greater Kashmir

The prevailing uncertainty and chaos in the Valley has once again proved that anything can happen in Kashmir.

The recent security advisory issued by the government asking tourists and Amarnath pilgrims to curtail their stay and leave Kashmir pressed the panic button. Kashmiri leaders started beating their chests and went on to speculate that the Government of India is all set to take a big decision on Jammu and Kashmir. This added to the confusion and made people believe that coming days are going to be tough.

It’s still not clear what the GoI has decided and what would be the Centre’s next move. All of us are aware about the fact that if the GoI has taken any decision, no one from Kashmir can stop it from going ahead. The politicians who are raising hue and cry are just trying to remain in news by sounding an alarm. 

It’s unfortunate that despite ruling Jammu and Kashmir for the past seven decades, Kashmiri leaders are struggling to prove their relevance and the people sitting in Delhi are taking full advantage of it. People at the helm know it very well that Kashmiri politicians have thrived on boycott politics during all these years and Kashmiris don’t take them seriously.

Today people sitting in New Delhi are talking about scrapping Articles 35A and 370, delimitation and even converting Kashmir into a union territory. All these decisions are directly linked to the survival of the mainstream leaders in Kashmir and if Delhi decides to go ahead with its plan it would mean end of the road for Kashmiri politicians.

Kashmiri leaders should sit back and introspect why Centre is making them dance to their tunes. A thorough introspection will reveal that our leaders have never taken their people along and are unaware about the ground realities. The Kashmiri leaders had taken Delhi for granted and were of the opinion that they can keep on dictating terms to the people sitting in the national capital. However, the government led by the Prime Minister Narendra has shown Kashmiri leaders their right place. The present regime has driven home a point that Centre wants to handle Kashmir in its own way. Another message which the Modi government has given to the politicians is that their mandate is confined to only managing day to day affairs of the state and they shouldn’t cross the line. The Bharatiya Janata Party shared power with Peoples Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir for more than three years, but PDP instead of focusing on the development kept on raking up the political issues. It tried to make Centre believe that if talks were not held with the separatists, militants and Pakistan, situation in Kashmir will deteriorate and Valley would turn into Syria.

The PDP throwing tantrums and beating around the bush made the BJP pull out from the PDP led government in Jammu and Kashmir. This proved to be a turning point in the history of mainstream politics in Kashmir. Since that day Delhi has dumped the mainstream politicians in Kashmir. Their repeated pleas to hold the assembly elections have not been heard by anyone in Delhi.

Since the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned to power for the second consecutive term with a thumping majority, the GoI seems to have decided to resolve the Kashmir once for all.

Many people believe that anti-graft agencies tightening their noose around the politicians and digging out the old cases is a part of the plan to make Kashmir based politicians fall in the line so that they don’t make much noise if the GoI takes some major decision vis-a-vis  Jammu and Kashmir in coming days.   

Kashmiri leaders, who during the past seventy years ruled the state and acted like monarchs are finding themselves in a quandary at present as they don’t know what future holds for them. The present regime led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi means business and it has made its intentions clear just within two months. It seems no long ropes will be offered to anyone and the lingering Kashmir problem will be resolved once for all. The groundwork has been done and now the implementation process is on. Unfortunately none of the Kashmiri leaders fit in the plan drafted by the people sitting in the national capital.

(The writer is a Former Journalist and member of JK Youth Alliance)