Towards tolerance

Towards tolerance

Tolerating each other will make us better people

Today, India enjoys a secular character. The country has attained this character through generations and people in India exhibit tolerance towards the religious faith of other groups and communities. This phenomenon is a symbol of co-existence and secular integration. Factually, India is widely acclaimed and applauded for this beautiful tradition. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, the degree of religious tolerances in India has significantly faded away and as a result, India is  seriously slipping in hands of some hard core Hindu fanatic forces.  Factually, these  groups attempt to influence and cement their religious ideology across the country with an objective to make India a “Hindu Rashtra.”  Undoubtedly, declaring India a Hindu Rashtra is not something to be prejudiced by the other sects, provided it equally safeguards, protects the freedom of faith, practice  and opportunity of growth and development of people from all religious backgrounds, especially minorities. Unfortunately, here the agenda appears somewhat more doubtful and biased.  

In this context,  one religious body  views  Hindu Rashtra  or  Hindustan, a country  in which people treat Hindustan as their Godfather and  believe that only Hindus (people with Hindu religious faith)  have  right to live  in India and enjoy  the state privileges.  They opine that Muslims and Christians have come from Arab and Rome and as such have no right to live in India, until they do not convert their religious faith and adopt  Hinduism as their religion. Moreover,  this body  intends  to push minorities to the wall. They plan  to withdraw their  voting right, religious freedom and consequently  reduce them simply  to  second class citizens.  Surely, they turn blind about the  contribution of  Muslims in the  freedom movement of  India.  These   groups  must turn the pages of History of India’s freedom movement  to understand  how  much sacrifice  Muslims  have given for the cause of free India. Despite the fact, the minorities are continuously targeted in India by the overwhelming Hindus majority. 

According to one news agency since the BJP has taken over, about 600 hundred communal attacks have taken place  upon minorities of which more than three fourth have made upon Muslim minorities. The recent ban on beef consumption  and subsequently gruesome killing of Ikhlaq Ahmad by Hindu goons in UP, bombing of truck driver at Udhampur  in Jammu and Kashmir, killing of Beef Merchant in Himachal Pradesh are a few eye opening events  that explain the whole story of intolerance. These events have shaken civilized and conscious intellectual class irrespective of their religious affiliation in India and they appear  quiet worried about the future of India. They no longer like to hear that humanity is attacked, freedom of religin is restrained and  expression is suppressed. They desire to see  digital India  to emerge  as a leader of global scientific and economic advancement and champion of secularism. Therefore,  supporting the move to take India closer to  Hindu Rashtra ideology is a matter of serious concern. Surely, it will evoke huge criticism from  secular class  21 century particularly, from   minorities. They would see it a gross attack on their existence, religious faith and patriotism. Moreover, it would be a huge disrespect to those minorities who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom of secular India.  

Under these circumstances, if a particular  religious  group  fail to respect the sentiments of  other  group,  it would polarise  India into fragments . Therefore, the present government has to be more sensitive to  such situation. They will have to save India from falling apart.