Train your brain

As people start aging, they undergo reductions; in brain volume and other cerebral changes. That doesn’t mean older people necessary become more feeble-minded or even lose their memory capabilities (Though it is found in older people it does often take longer to process new information, including recalling names, and phone numbers, which is way some of them feel frustrated about their memory as they age).

All of us would like to think more clearly, improve our memories, program ourselves for success, and prevent mental decline in our later years in short, increase and maintain our brain power.

How to boost mental energy

 Mind what you eat you know they say certain things go to your head? Well so does food – literally for nearly 100 years, scientists have known that various nutrients.

Are important to brain health but today they are beginning to develop a clear understanding of which foods, have more positive impact, allowing people to retain their memory and learning abilities as the decades pass to be sure the research is in its initial stages, and no matter what is finally confirmed, food is only one of many factors that affect how well your mind functions.

In a large research project in Switzerland, long before, a survey of people in their 60’s and older, who had the higher blood level of Vitamin-C scored higher on memory tests than those with relatively low-levels they apparently got these substances from fruit and vegetables.

It is widely believed that anti-oxidants help keep the blood vessels that flow to the brain free of ‘Debris’ So the more  unimpeded the flow of blood, the better the brain can function.

Untreated blood pressure in older people also responsible, for mental malfunctioning so as is well established  fact, that blood pressure can in large be controlled by life style, changes, and medication. One of the most important factors in keeping your brain alive. Is to keep it active. There is now good reason to think that people who engage in a life time of mental exercise build denser web’s of neural connections than those who let their intellects to coast and that reserve brain power, a luxury in youth, can be crucial late-in-life.

So engaging in games like scrabble, chess, etc are sure to help. From the evolution perspective, we are all wired to best respond to novelty the fresher the stimulus, the more engaged you are the more impact it has on you, and more likely you are to remember it. So games are more like dessert. Researcher’s also advocate to manage stress as it is so harmful to brain health.

Regular meditation namaz, or engaging a pet play a pivotal role in keeping the stress at bay, besides correcting the reduction of key nutrients may go some way in improving brain function.