Transgenders: A dream for inclusion

Greater Kashmir

We live in a post  modern era, an era of advancement, inclusion and enlightenment. Apparently we are striving for inclusion but practically what we do is total opposite. Does inclusion really exist for disabled and transgender, & to what extent society is friendly to them. To some extent though disabled are now given a place of dignity in our society but what about transgenders; their rights and needs? Who cares for them. Does society accept them. Have we ever think of pain ,agony and plight of transgenders. Why we stigmatize, and traumatize them. Aren’t they humans. Aren’t they creation of same God. Then why they are barred from living a dignified life. Warmth, work and social participation are three vital human needs but why they are deprived from them. When a male child is born ,it is most cherished and celebrated event in every family. But when same male child whom they treat as asset behaves in a feminine way; or began to show feminine interests, why he become a liability. When a family comes to know that a child whom they believe to be a male is a transgender why there is sudden transition from love, acceptance and pride to dejection, rejection and humiliation. Every human being is a creation of Almighty Allah and trans genders are also humans. They deserve same rights, opportunities and responsibilities. But why we harass them at every step of life. Why we discriminate them.

When they enter school, they are taunted and laughed at. They are physically, emotionally and psychologically traumatized. They are called by different derogatory names. Students can’t be blamed. It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to ethically aware the students to not not harass any one just because his gender doesn’t fit societal bipolar Male -Female axis. They are to be sensitized that they also deserve unconditional regard and acceptance. But unfortunately teachers themselves are not equipped with knowledge to identify and deal with transgender students. They need extra care and emotional support because they feel world is not made for them. They find themselves sandwiched between masculine bodies and feminine features; need to show their real tendencies. Society breeds exclusion. If a transgender walks in a society, he is looked down upon, harassed, called by different names. People avoid their company or make their fun. Many men spit after they see a transgender. This is the level of degraded mentality. They don’t realise how much they hurt another person; then they blame that transgenders use abusive and offensive language; they curse them. It’s obvious when we hurt a person and show hatred towards him, he won’t show love in return. Love breeds love. If a transgender travels in a bus, he is harassed, humiliated explicitly or implicitly. People have misconception that trans genders are mentally retarded.

Transgenders are denied education due to one or the other reason. Their chance of having a decent vocation or job are less. They usually earn their livelihood by working as matchmakers or singing at weddings. Many don’t have family support, leave aside societal support or acceptance. Many leave their homes and live in rented accommodations along with other transgenders. Many earn good money, but still deep inside they are lonely and depressed. Because they have no family to look for them, to care for them. Many are denied right to inheritance by their siblings.


A society needs to act in a more humane way. We need to accept and welcome transgenders at par with males and females.

People need to be sensitized and all myths and misperceptions about transgenders need to be cleared.

Stringent legislation needs to be formulated against those who harass or harm them

Equal rights and opportunities should be provided to them.

If we educate them, they will have decent opportunities in job market that will help enhance their well being and help economy to thrive as well.

Strict action needs to be taken against families who mistreat transgenders.

Show respect and regard to them. Have strong social ties with them. Include them in community activities.

So lets take a pledge to respect transgender community.