Tribute to Gayoor

He was a thinking mind and an active human being whose life was full of meaning and purpose

While getting into the state secretariat premises my eyes would occasionally meet a tall, well dressed and smart man busy in responding people’s complements. G R Gayoor happened to be loaded with multiple problems mostly concerning his locality. He happened to be in jolly mood when the bureaucrats would welcome his bundle of problems, positively. Problems short of solution would land him to utter discomfiture. The word “No” had punitive effects for him. Whereas the expression “Yes” would sound quite musical to him, no matter the results of affirmation would reach him late. The kind of temper he was gifted with, though a passionate one, would turn hostile to his own cause at times for being too sensitive. Half his life, he lived as a brilliant teacher, rich enough in knowledge, to approach the academic requirements of his taught. The second phase of his life passed out in preparing ground for rising as a leader in the political party-National conference- from his home District. Unfortunately, the attempt made in the direction did not materialize despite the fact he worked tooth and nail during the general assembly elections for the party. The rank and file in the organization found him a distinct election campaigner for a good public rapport and excellent oratory skill. The party used his impressive pen also to galvanize the image of the organization whenever his services as journalist were called for.

Politicians turn any time hostile against each other particularly in the event they feel their colleagues to be well equipped to get ahead to all others. Thus, Late Gayoor a straightforward and a polished man lost the race just for the mischief of political demagogue who did not like to see the people to be benefitted by his Selfless and sincere services. Having stumbled to serve his people as an active leader in politics, Gayoor was gravely hurt on seeing the people, far behind in row to him, rising the rank of MLAs, ministers and like prestigious positions. For his sensitive nature resistance to the breaking shock had to rundown and it did happen in his case. He got disheartened and preferred to get away of such political pollution. He looked very fatigued and remained mostly confined to his friend circle in his day to day interaction. None of his friend could guess him to be a guest for short time. He silently left all his dear ones for good as he fell victim to the bullet of a killer on 22nd Oct-2005, causing an irreparable loss to the sophisticated stock of human resource, he was a part of.   

His poetic style and expression makes out a class of its own both in Urdu and Kashmiri literary field. Superior spiritual thoughts advanced in the total poetry of Late Gayoor refers to human challenges and the related matters being faced in the day to day life. Sweet narrations made in praise of Allah and Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.), by the poet, makes the poetry inspiring besides revealing the depth level of faith and spirituality, the poet was possessed with his entire literary works in poetry is full of spiritual sensibility touching one’s mind and soul. 


(The writer is retired special secretary from law and Parliamentary affairs Secretariat, J&K Govt.).