Ugly" and Beauty"

Ugly'' and Beauty''

The two daughters that symbolise the two faces of life

The midnight supplications of a middle-aged couple were answered when finally twin daughters were born to them, one blackish and other whitish in complexion.

The joyful parents blessed by the birth of little angels requested the visitors—who had been their neighbours, siblings and family priests coming to felicitate them on the elated event—to assign auspicious names for their blessed babes.

After a long cogitation, the unanimity of the well-wishing-callers named the little babes as per their appearances—the blackish was named Ugly while the whitish was named Beauty, ignoring the head-priest’ judicious dissent that apparent is not always actual, that the rarest gems lie secret in time and depth. So, as was insightfully seen by that sagacious seer in them, right from the start of their growing up, Ugly and Beauty had and exhibited mutually contradictory characteristics of what they were thought and believed to be by the majority of the people seeing them not beyond their apparent. Ugly was rich with all good traits of ‘real beauty’ of simplicity, humanity, humility, integrity, modesty and politeness while Beauty was possessed with all bad features of ‘real ugliness’ of she being ostentatious, unkind, conceited, sceptical, ornery and rude. 

Ugly was always impervious to glitzy things of the world as her fellow alumnae clad in expensive dresses and her colleagues driving and eating expensive never had aspiring-influence on her for she was ever-content with her moderate and modest lifestyle. Ugly  had the softness beneath her bust and capacity inside her mental-crust to empathise with people troubled by vicissitudes of life as she would gladly nurse the diseased people in their residential and nursing homes, and hospitals, wherever she found them eagerly waiting for the medication to be served to them for their illness. Ugly returned hate of selfish-haters with love, scorn of fault-finders with smile and curse of foul-mouthed with supplication and respected those disrespecting her and accepted those rejecting her.

The saintly silence and submissiveness in her young age towards her parents, teachers and elders had won her laurels in the sight of them all. Ugly in spring years of her life took care of her parents when they were desolately in autumn years of their life as she was undoubtedly conscious that every young age reaches the stage of dotage like a raging stream losing its vigour in an age-old calm river. Ugly was enviably resolute and resilient in adversities that neither deterred her from standing up for just causes of oppressed people nor hampered her from standing up to the bullies of arrogant oppressors as both oppressed and oppressors lived simultaneously in her vicinity. In her cherished dreams, Ugly had nourished a dream of a paragon society founded on the noblest principle of all kind of justice for all His men in her country. Bad deeds of others around her though accentuated her own good deeds, she never prided herself on it. 

In contrast to Ugly’ innate-beauty dignifying her outer-dark-face, like darkness of night vanishing with dawning daylight, the innate-ugliness surfaced on outer-lustrous-face of Beauty when she mocked uncomely people who craved her tantalizing company. She was callously indifferent to the needy as she always ‘distanced’ herself from her fellow alumnae raising money for the poor, the sick and the victims.

She downplayed the achievements of others as she would not consider them anyway comparable with her own doings. She failed to perform domestic chores that were done, thus, by her feeble parents. She doubted truth of every good thing as she had been living all along on heaps of lies surrounding her and never allowing truth enter her realm of affairs.

Beauty was pugnacious readily quarrelling over trifles with her friends, colleagues and kin as she would often fail to put herself together in the face of ‘disagreement’ by them with her. She would stupidly greet none. She had hurt many sincere but penniless suitors when she wed a very rich man for his riches.