Unity is the key

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A consensus amongst the voters is a must in the 2019 election. A consensus to tackle any authoritarian or fascist force. All the peace and prosperity loving voters must unite to tackle down the authoritarian and fascist regime.

The 2019 election is all about saving the secular and tolerant country from returning to periods like 1947, 1984 and 2002 communal riots , 1977 emergency period or the 1999 Kargil war period. In 2019 every voter has to do the obligation of stopping any ethno-nationalist or authoritarian candidate from grabbing the MP seat as legislator in Lok Sabha.

In case of Ladakh MP election, every voter in Kargil have taken this firm decision to stand united as a strong wall against all the fascist or authoritarian and communal forces. Lately we all in Kargil were trying to reach at a consensus in the matter of MP election. And I think with God’s grace we have reached at that consensus.

We all reached at the consensus of sending an experienced, talented, sincere and a person of ethical attitude having in-depth religious, political, and social knowledge as Member of parliament(MP), whosoever he/she be, in the most prestigious institute of Indian democracy.

Every voter has reached the consensus that this time we will not let down the people of Kargil. We all have reached at the consensus that this time we will not let the MP seat slip out of our hand. We all have reached at the consensus that this time we will not waste a single vote in animosity. We all have reached the consensus to be good and will not deceive ourselves.

We all have reached at the consensus that this time we will not leave the country into the hands of authoritarian, and fascist leaders and communal forces. We all have reached the consensus to send a strong leader into the house who has the capacity to keep our demands on the table in the Lok Sabha and question the house with sincerity and efficiency.

Now let me address the elephant in the room. Lately two independent candidates from Kargil district have filed the nomination paper to contest MP election from Ladakh constituency.

And from Leh both the INC and BJP have fielded their candidates. This sum up that four candidates will be fighting for the single Ladakh MP seat. Let me focus on Kargil.

Some voters in Kargil have started protesting, accusing both the candidates and their supporters of treason. But they are absolutely wrong. According to the constitution and election commission rule, in India and in a democratic election you cannot stop anyone from filing nomination if he got the mandate from a registered regional or national party or if an independent candidate get the signatory support of ten person from his constituency.

Their protest against the so called sabotaging of unity is irrational. Because the basic agenda of an election is that you will have a variety of candidates on the table to choose from.

It is the voters who should stand united. A variety of candidates will be and rather should be there in a democratic election process. These candidates will have different packages of developmental and political agendas for you.

Nobody can say Kargil is not united or will not unite. We did have shown our unity strength during the issue of Ladakh division headquarter. We succeeded to have a separate and full fledged central university campus for Kargil with the help of our armour of unity.

The same strength of unity will help us (Kargilees) to send the deserving and experienced candidate as MP to the parliament. We are united as voters and we all have developed the consensus.

We all know how to send the deserving person with caliber with a full fledged mandate. And it is not by abstaining from voting. It can be done by exercising your power to choose, your power to vote. Don’t let your animosity towards any particular person or an institution ruin the next five years of Kargil.

It is the voters who should stand united. There will always be contenders in a democratic election.”. UNITED WE STAND

(Syed Rohullah Aga is a B.Tech from N.I.T Srinagar.)