Watch your kids

If parents want their children to stop using mobile phones, they themselves should abstain themselves first from using one. Parents should change their parenting strategies and try to arrange outings for their children and also engage them in physical activates.

With the advancement of mobile phone technology, growing demand of mobile phones and other gadgets are considerably harming the younger generation.

Students are developing a strong connection with their mobile phones, which is leading to a massive loss in their cognitive faculties and time spent in studies. Parents and teachers usually face problem in combating the distraction of students. Parents are very much worried about the excess use of cellphone of their teenagers.

We can understand that the use of smartphones could be beneficial for teens in many ways like it increase their confidence level, enhance their communication skills and gives them a chance to show their hidden talent but with all these blessings, we can’t ignore the curse of using cell phones.

You know the constant use of cell phone can affect the memory of teenagers due to more exposure of radiation of wireless devices.

The excess use of cell phones badly disturbs the sleeping pattern of people of all ages, but teens are being affected more. An irregular sleep also causes many damages like lack of concentration on studies, angry mood etc. Constant use of cellphone doesn’t only affect their eyes but also create many other health disorders.

However, parents must make a genuine effort to keep their kids’ away from the overuse of cell phones.

Availability of internet:  Cheap Internet makes our life easier nowadays and also helps us find anything and everything. Internet is the major factor which provokes people to use cell phones or smartphones more and more.

Functionalities: Cell Phones provide needful variety of functions or features to its users. Most of the people or teens check their phone for messages and calls if there is no vibration or ring which is in turn termed as addiction or nomophobia.

Gaming:  In modern cell phone/ smartphone market, gaming is shown as important feature of the phone which has the capability of addicting the users

It is the fact that with the help of mobile phones we stay connected and is also lifesaver in many situations. But all these comes at a cost.

• Teen Tendonitis. Its symptoms include pain in head back and neck caused mainly due to poor posture. It has become most common among teens who are addicted to texting which is no doubt considering the fact that they spend an average of 6-7hrs a day looking at their phone.

• Distraction: Cell phone tempts you to keep checking them for any messages and it even tempts you to text the entire day which ultimately results in not doing anything productive.

•  Lack of Sleep: Anxiety, stress and depression are some of the problems faced by students due to 24-hour connection with friends and other people through different digital platforms or channels and  as a result  teens failed to set their own goals because of confused state of mind. What leads to a confused state of mind? Teenagers get deep into a delirious state of mind once.

• Increase risk of chronic pain- cell phones require constant use of your hand, especially when text message and email. Responding to messages at rapid speed can cause pain and inflammation of your joints.

• Increase stress level- The high frequency of cell phone use can negative on your stress level. The constant ringing, vibrating alerts, and reminders can put a cell phone user on edge. Overall, excessive cell phone use can be a risk factor for mental health issues in young adults or teenagers.Parents want to give all the facilities to their children at a tender age so as to help them carve a perfect career path. They purchase the most expensive and latest smartphone for their children for this, which in itself is the origin of all the problems apparently.

• No social connection-Teenagers always be lost in their cell phone and they have no adequate social connection that much needed.

Word of Wise

Technology works for us. If it’s not working for you, you’re chosen to be on the losing side of the relationship, and it’s time to put a stake in the ground and take responsibility and control for your use of the technology. Parents should take care of their children wellbeing before it will theft their happiness and comfort.   

In addition, consider an occasional digital detox for the whole family. Create a screen-free night once a week or commit to unplugging one weekend a month. It could be good for everyone’s physical and emotional health, as well your family’s relationships. Arrange Outings, Purchase indoor games for children like Puzzle, Art colors and so on. Organize events for your children in collaboration with other parents in the vicinity will definitely detox your children.

(Sheikh Maqbool is Vice Chairman J&K RTI Foundation.)