We all need it

Religion is a lifelong partner of a human. And it must be. Where there is existence, there is a beginning. And where there is beginning, there is a beginner. So, for humans it is necessary to be in touch with their creator.

And it is a reality that the modern man of 21st century has no option but to follow a religion of old times of pre-industrialization. Everything, except a religion has an option.

Religion is pre-created. You cannot amend it. It is pre-created, non-alterable connection between creator and the mankind. Existence of humans or existence of any sort of creation is the most giant evidence of the existence of creator. However identification of the right creator and rejection of the fake ones is a totally different discourse.

It is necessary that a religion should have some characteristics for which it can be followed. Since there is no e-mail service associated with the God, we cannot come to know exactly what he wants from us. So there is a special relation of some people with Him who tell us what He wants. But their sayings need a strong analysis on the basis of rationalism. Rationalism or logic is the base on which the principles of some particular religion can be analyzed. Real messengers are also to be authenticated and followed on this base.

Why a religion should be followed? This is a question worth asking. Most humans are confused due to some particular activities of some particular religions and they even don’t know why they follow this particular ritual or this particular religion. They may be associated with it because of their parents or some other factors.

A religion should be followed only if it satisfactorily answers your cause of existence, life and death. If it answers why some are poor and some rich, why are there oppressors and suppressers and all other questions related to the existence of humans; only then it should be followed. If its principles seem logical to you and its rituals rational, then it must be followed.

Every religion has its own philosophy and terminology and at some point of its existence, it was a pure and original one. But due to some human activities and interferences, it got polluted.

This interference was usually in its basic principles and\or rituals. It was for different reasons. Sometimes it was to earn money or to maintain your profile or to evade criticism. People followed what the religious scholars said and scholars followed what their belly said: leading to interference.

Another important thing that a religion should have is Universality. Its principles should be applicable anywhere in the universe. Is followers around the world should identify each other on the base of their religion. Its principles should not fail to create its universality.

Following a religion is must for every human. Not like food and water but much more than it. Because living, in real and applicable terms, is not only that your body performing some life processes, but performance of your heart and soul.

You can only live if you are happy and you can only be happy if you believe that someone is there, Supreme, to make you so.