We have mechanized the whole system

The conflict inside my mind and heart urges me to put forward my views in order to lighten up my soul that feels taxed. I have worked with few educational organizations in Kashmir and the eyes are witnessing the same drama everywhere; and deep inside the cry echoes, who is responsible?

Formal education that fails to bring up a man with reason, compassion, patience, humility, truthfulness, honesty, acceptance, maturity, sensibility and all the values that differentiate a man from animal – then please halt the process. Stop enrolling kids. It won’t take us anywhere, rather it will again create a group of automaton who will be somewhere, somehow responsible for the same problem and then the chain will continue.

We the promulgators of the education are so resorted to the academic part that we have forgotten the real purpose. We have mechanized the whole system of education acting like shepherds that are leading herd of cattle merely for quenching their hunger. No doubt man has evolved from the primitive to modern stage and there has been massive change in civilizations perhaps the sanity has been either lost somewhere or it has not been evolved and has remained stagnant through ages. The truth is we need to overhaul ourselves if we are expecting revolutionary change.

Deep inside there is a responses to the echoes – who is responsible? And serve an answer; that we all are collectively responsible for all the disorder and anarchy.

We see the world as we are, as we expect and give least consideration to what it is like to see it from others side as well. We create opinions followed by conclusions and then give our verdict by blindfolding our ears and eyes as we have been trained and brought up like this; that is see what you expect to see, listen what you want to listen and if it is not feeding your satisfaction anymore then forget it, it has no value. This is what shakes the foundation of our system and creates a medium for endless problems.

The fact is we only add quantity to our chronological age not the quality. If we fail to make small part, the institution of education, of this big world worth living, then who else do you think can make the world a better place? If not the educationists, not the teachers, then who else could shoulder the responsibility of making the world a better place to live in?

In a real family we tend to differ from each other, however, we still accept each other,  why? Because the cohesion in the blood and the understanding in our minds and the compassion in our hearts synergies us giving us the harmony even with diverse minds and hearts. Why not the same understanding, compassion and cohesion at a bigger level? Why can’t we practice it outside our families, in our extended families? Where we work, earn, learn and spend the important time of life.

Do you ever ponder over what are we actually imparting? Where the kids are heading? Are we meeting the true purpose of education? Does the education carry more meaning or its all about Reading, writing, arithmetic??

Definitely education has a wider perspective and tells and teaches us the way of life.

The idea of independence is so negatively driven in us that we have lost the clarity and reason of interdependence. Every now and then we search the ways for degrading and demeaning others. Do we really want solutions? Had it been the case we would have sincerely acted upon the problems but the fact is we don’t want to solve problems rather we want to create more and more by resorting to our own discretions and nullifying others. We are so entangled with our own personal frustration and problems that we don’t discipline ourselves to give a sincere ear and thought to the saying of others.

The sign of development for the countries is not technological and economic advancement, it is the advancement in thought process, and mindset.

Gazala Noor Khan is teacher by profession