Welcome back 4 G

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As the clock struck 9 pm on Sunday, the netizens who had got glued to their smartphones started surfing the net and it was a pleasant surprise for everyone to have high speed internet services working, bringing a cheer and excitement to the faces. Exactly after over one year period of time the high speed internet services, 4G, were restored on a trial basis in twin districts of Jammu and Kashmir Union territory on Sunday August 16 evening including Udhampur in Jammu province and Ganderbal in Kashmir. Joy new know bounds for the people of Ganderbal district after the government announced to restore in a first the 4G internet services here and after a year of unheard pleas finally the time had come when they could find themselves shifting literally from a stone age time to the digital world.

From updating of phones after a period of one year to sharing humorous videos to the friends and playing online games it was all an environment of joy and jubilation in the district. The spread of the sense of relief people received with the restoration of high speed mobile data services can be measured by the fact that apart from those using social media for leisure, several others who use it for educational and other professional purposes are also thrilled.

The social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with the posts and tweets about the restoration of 4G internet services in Ganderbal district.

Humour mills were on overdrive with whacky one liners, visual jokes and a veritable meme fest playing out on social media.

Jokes apart, the restoration of the 4G internet services brought much needed relief to the students, teachers, business community and other dependent on the internet as their work had been suffered badly in last one year.

Students and the teachers were facing immense inconvenience in taking online classes which had badly affected the online teaching and learning process in UT amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced everyone to stay inside their homes.

The business community too suffered losses and their business got badly affected mostly, those who were involved in online business like e-commerce, travel and other related works. Since the restoration of the 4G internet services in Ganderbal district the people heaved a sigh of relief and they now feel to be connected with the digital world.

However, restoration of high speed mobile data services in only one district will not serve the purpose. The people in Ganderbal district have to connect with other parts of the Jammu and Kashmir for different purpose mostly to carry business work and the people of other districts equally deserve to get connected with the digital world. Many aspirants have to submit their online examination and job applications.

Since last few days, after the restoration of the 4G internet services in Ganderbal district, many people from Srinagar and other adjacent areas are thronging Ganderbal district and its peripherals to access the high speed internet services. Many aspirants, students, businessmen and those using social media for leisure are seen in and around Ganderbal to have the 4G internet services. Some are seen submitting their online examination forms while as others are busy in filing up job application forms.

Meanwhile the authorities in Ganderbal district have asked the people to use the high speed internet services cautiously for constructive purpose and avoid any misuse of the services.

Irfan Raina is correspondent at the Greater Kashmir.