What a contrast !

The recent acrimonious circumstances of war-mongering were  looming large on our heads, and as human beings, we were terrified. The unsettling circumstances of a nuclear magnitude were appearing like a monster of fright everywhere. We were recollecting as to who was the author of the ‘Book of Our Doom, and of which we have to be shackled with till our doom in all-togetherness comes and we will be laid to rest or eternal unrest.

We were always restrained  with fetters and our pinion was Saw-toothed which had sawn us from the moment of a scream of birth. Since then screams did not end . Tears did not cease and our graves did not cease from becoming overflowed.

When our wings were bound, and the wings were cut off, and a gradual dose of assimilation of the diagnosis began to slip down our throat. We started compromising our independent right to live, otherwise guaranteed by every charter of liberty and independence of the world.

This was not over, and a day came when we had to see souls also getting colonized. This halpless community draped the shoulders of the Captains of the ship of wealth with ‘Pashmeena’ and ‘Shawl-dushalas’. The skilled creators of these artifacts shivered themselves in the murmur of icy winds, and didn’t drape themselves but endeavoured always to combat their paupership.

Shown to the full inhabitants of the world atlas that the community is a versatile_ genius, and its intellectual pinnacle has might to match any other summit of intelligence in the world.

It is because the community threw to sight the intellectuals, artists, craftsmen, scientists, economists and legal luminaries etc. With all that it never divorced its inborn and inbuilt chaste attribute of being compassionate, merciful, tender_hearted,  generous and hospitable.

Those who saw India as a land of their right in the enhanced peril and fear, they continued to sell their artifacts in Kolkata, Lucknow; they spread the fragrance of the dry fruit and its remarkable deliciousness in the cities, they were abruptly thrashed, looted, violently booted, beaten and lashed out.

The poor vendors posed to themselves a question “why?”.

This was the world of trade which was vandalised by the goons of hate and bigotry…who had a track record of criminality upto murders. Now the world of intellegentia was molested and doctors, the students of higher education in science etc were assaulted in their hostels.

This beautifully coincided with the tradition of hospitality in Kashmir.

All the hoteliers spread helpline numbers on the screen of media, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. When they offered free accommodation and full boarded lodge facilities to the stranded people and stranded tourists. They did welcome them with their arms open, and rose free from all consideration of colour, creed and caste.

This requires to be recognised, a ray of hope from Kashmir in the gathering gloom…as the Mahatma Gandhi had recognised the ray of hope from Kashmir when the full subcontinent was ablaze and bleeding in 1947.

This intention to pen down all this decorating attribute of our golden valley is in no sense to show as if a Himalayan favour was done to the stranded dependents. It essentially aims to identify the trashing of Kashmiri vendors etc.

With the outrageous infamous things, who are neck deep in hate , animosity, inhuman acts and bigotry.

The Supreme Court of India had to come to the rescue of these innocent Kashmiris. Is it not a monumental contrast?