What about us?

What about us?

We don''t realise what we have done to this message of peace

Given the majesty our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) holds and the uncompromising   reverence Muslims across the world have towards him, it is natural any disrespect towards him Muslims will never tolerate.

Charlie Hebdo contempt is a deliberate attempt to erode belief system of Muslims and deny the validity of Islam. Muslims – the world over – protested against this and rightly so. Those who couldn’t restrain resorted to violent means, some took  to extreme retribution. That is one side of the story, we hammered home in last three write-ups.  

The other, our own,  we let go, though it is no less blasphemous.  Our tolerance gives up when something offensive is committed against iconic symbols our faith is bonded with. In whatever form the expression of sick offence, it triggers a volcano from us.

But wherefrom  the eruption of outrage stops, our vulnerability on many a front begins. In the open court of billions our reverence brazenly gets exposed.

Search lights of introspection point to   the other, perhaps more ugly part of our life. Ours is a crude caricature to mock at we claim to respect.

We burst in rage when others offend us in insulting or slandering  Islam  and its sacred figures.  On protest we base our defense of Islam, thinking it is our obligation.  Beyond that we think  it is  ‘my Prophet, my Islam’ I have the ‘ exclusive right’  to own and do with the way I like.

 I am the Mustafavee. The carved jurisdiction I place myself in rinses me off all ‘malicious intent’.  The defamation  from this hemisphere does not steal Islam its sanctity, nor creates the fear ‘ Islam is in danger’.  The caricatures they  draw offend me, irritate me, provoke me.  Whereas, the transgressor and the savage from me makes me sit on the blasphemy I commit. I consider myself above everything. 

We may scream to count the virtues of Islam, its life-giving and life-supporting cardinal principles ( ‘one who slays a man, it is as if he slays entire humanity; one who saves a man, it is as if he saves entire humanity’. Holy Quran).  

Show how Prophet (SAW) transformed a savage uncultured society into a civilized law-abiding nation and how he proved the savior of mankind. But how does it mean to a people of over three billion where we  have slandered the image of Islam beyond recognition.  Our ‘great’ deeds smell above the earth.

The brand of Islam we present to the world  should not make us pull drawn faces at  Islamophobia  going viral. Nothing is safe , not even the schools,  holy  mosques, hospitals, funeral sites and grave yards from the suicide bombers indoctrinated to kill. Islam came to help man to live a just and dignified life, here in the name of Islam we have let loose a ferocious band of predators. We have created Frankenstein and do not know how to contain it. Can we imagine worst form of blasphemy?  

Barring a few places in the Muslim block of 57 countries , we are a drawn sword to cut each other on the sacred frontiers of sectarianism, ethnicity, language, tribe, geography and politics. We have military dictators to roll tanks to silence democratic dissent.  Brutal regimes to crush unarmed people. 

The principle of  ‘protecting the honor of the Prophet (SAW)’, we must admit, has been, more often,  used to accuse, harm and murder an innocent victim for vengeance or material pursuits. It is shocking to see zealots taking law in their hands and denying the courts to convict or acquit the alleged blasphemer. That again smudges the fair name of Islam.

 From the heralds of progress,  once we have had the status symbol in the community of nations, we have smitten our identity to those of purveyors of destruction. If our beloved Prophet (SAW) were to reborn, not Charlie Hebdo caricatures,  from our own he will receive the unkindest cut of all.   The  monstrous visage  we have crafted of his peaceful message will offend him more than the muck heaped on his honor. 

Tail piece:  On seeing a non- Muslim urinate, facing West (Qibla), the Muslim lost cool and scolded him. Some days after the ‘disrespecting’ man found the faithful urinating in the same position.   Questioned,  the Muslim retorted , ‘ thatisours’ !!!