What an unassailable belief

Greater Kashmir

The death of somebody, somewhere makes our heart sink The constant fear of death does not even let us to face the routine life comfortably. But look at the blazing sandy desert of Karbalawhere the brave, gallant and fearless Imami refused to be taken in by the baseless fears of death. It was not horrifying for him. It had made him and his loyal companions more dedicated, devoted, disciplined and determined. Everyone of Imam Hussain’s (R.A) loyal companions, with unflinching belief and courage thought it better to finish the work earlier and leave the world as satisfied persons. So when death is certainly destined for the great cause, why go pale at its thought? What an unassailable belief!

The message of Karbala is vivid and clear. The battle of Karbala was not meant to grab a patch of land, rather it was intended to secure and uphold core human values. It was a battle between good and evil, between justice and oppression.

Muharram marks the anniversary of the battle of Karbala where the Prophet Mohammad’sﷺ grandson Imam Hussain (R.A) Ibn Ali (R.A) was martyred. The yearly rituals of remembrance acts as a reset button for all of us. It is undoubtedly an annual reminder for drilling into minds what is right and raising voice against oppression, no matter who the oppressed or oppressor is. We just need to close our eyes, put ourselves in their place and imagine. Tears will start flowing. Be it how Hussain (R.A) allowed his 18 years old son to go for battle, but followed him on foot even after bidding him good bye or how Hussain’s (R.A) four years old daughter was tortured after his death with her earrings jerked from her ears. Hussain (R.A) could have easily saved himself and his family from all this torture if only he had been selfish. Since Hussain (R.A) was grandsons of Prophet Mohammad (SAW), his character shattered the so called caliph of the Islamic state, Yazeed. Look at the valiant Imam Hussain (R.A) who maintained an attitude of defiance toward death. Imam (R.A) thought, why not to do something that defeats the very purpose of death. Marhaba Hussain (R.A), son of Moula Ali (R.A) “you have defeated the death in Maidani-e-Karbala”. Thirsty Hussain (R.A) with sun blazing over, earth beneath scorching  and lips cracked like a dry desert faced the hard test valiantly. It was the day when the earth trembled and the skies wept blood – the tenth day of the month of Muharram known as Ashora

It was Hussain (R.A)’s refusal which resulted in the martyrdom at Karbala where only 72 people faced boldly  against the huge army of Yazeed. Why? Because standing for right is important even if you have to face death with certainty. This is the only way to defeat  injustice and tyranny.

Hussain (A.S) was great Imam, great son and great brother who achieved  martyrdom for a great cause and served great deal of love for Islam. Hussain (R.A) and his loyal companions are still remembered with grace and gratitude. Certainly who die to serve a great cause never die. Their work, their ideals, their vision still continue guiding us on the right path of life. Without any ounce of doubt the sacrifice of Hazrat Imami Hussain (R.A) became an emblem of resistance to injustice, tyranny and oppression. These sacrifices were not just for one particular sect of Islam but for humanity as a whole.