Where parents meet teachers !

For a morally robust society we need good parenting. However, parenting is closely related to schooling of a toddler. In modern times, schooling is considered essential part of the child- upbringing. But in most cases there is no synergy between parents and teachers in our society. In Private sector there is constant interaction between parents and teachers but in Government schools we hardly find such interaction happening. The result is that our new generation is lacking in terms of confidence, and responsibility.

Parents hold a significant place in a child’s life. With their constant efforts, they trim down the bad, harmful, and useless qualities of a child and cultivate a sense of morality in him or her that acquaints the child with his or her culture. This essentially makes the child an exemplary individual who in his or her own way attempts to take society towards the zenith of morality by assisting people, if not all at least those around him or her, finding out the right way of life. However, without the support of a teacher, it is not possible for parents to mould their child best.

The role of a teacher is as important as that of parents as he educates the child by imparting knowledge that makes the child to contemplate about himself as well as about his or her environment. Indeed, a teacher is not equal to parents rather he is considered to be next to parents that carries a remarkable significance in itself.

 Benjamin Franklin says about the involvement 0f children in activities.

 “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

But as we know without the parental support no child can get involved in real life practices to be taught at school. I have observed in Indonesia that the young students of Pesentrans (boarding schools) are involved in the activities of the societal life and even cultivate the nearby farms as there is specific period for that job. They clean the campus themselves, manage the flow of traffic within the campus of schools and prepare their food and serve their guests themselves. This empowering experience is absent in our schools and there is no involvement of parents in the functioning of schools and of the students in that of society.

I had the opportunity in 2016 to visit a women university in Yogyakarta and I found the girl students were performing all the duties except teaching there.

This is the story of the residential universities or schools in developing countries. The children need to be constantly under the guidance of their parents for a period and then under the guidance of their teachers was the lesson I got from this experience.

But there has to be constant interaction between the parents and the teachers in both the cases.

Since education in our part of world is not given the priority which it has in developed countries. Therefore, there is no proper and long term educational policy governing the parent teacher interaction also.

At least education could be exempted from all outside pressures and interferences and excellence should have been the mantra.

Thus we can say parents and teachers must together strive hard to make child bloom holistically. Thus, the child must also consciously endeavor towards becoming perfect by constantly rectifying his or her errors all through life. However, the term perfect here is used in the relative sense, which means the persistence of the child in becoming a better person makes him perfect in his imperfection.

The society has to provide the teachers support to devise a progressive forward looking policy for the education and the psychology of the kids needs to be kept in view.

There needs to be constant interactions between parents and teachers not only in schools of Private sector but also Governments schools also.

As parenting is one of the most tough tasks so is the teaching and if the teachers can’t play the role of parents at least they should try their best to at least play the role of guardians to the students. Education should never be left to teachers only but the parents and the society at large should also play its role to make it the most vibrant duty of human world!

Hureen Wasifa Siddiqui  is a researcher based in Hyderabad