Who said what to whom

Donald Trump known for being outspoken has yet again created a controversy claiming that PM Modi asked him to mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve long pending dispute of J&K. New Delhi wasted no time in contradicting Donald Trump. At a time when India and US are being seen close allies and Pakistan being seen no more a priority for Americans, the statement has shocked many in New Delhi. Only Mr Trump and Mr Modi know the truth what they discussed few weeks ago at Osaka but can Trump really be so irresponsible and casual that he will attribute something to Mr Modi which they might never have discussed. Before reaching any conclusion one must not forget that New Delhi has been constantly asking Pakistan to stop importing, harboring and supporting militancy in J&K and New Delhi has by and large successfully been able to convince world community that it is victim of Pakistan sponsored terrorism, changing world scenario also helped New Delhi in isolating Pakistan. Perhaps first time after militancy surfaced in Kashmir, for whatsoever reasons New Pakistani dispensation led by Imran Khan took hard and harsh measures against militant groups active in Kashmir. From closing down of militant camps to crackdown on Hafiz Sayeed and Masood Azhar Pakistan tried everything to gain trust of India and rest of the world. The irony was that neither within Pakistan nor in Kashmir Imran Khan faced any stiff criticism for his crackdown against militant outfits. One cannot rule out that whatsoever Pakistani Government is doing to eradicate militancy can be somewhere part of a larger understanding between India and Pakistan with America being like a facilitator behind the curtains and now whatsoever Mr Trump has said can also be a well-crafted plan to check the mood of stake holders, masses in the subcontinent and opposition parties in India. It has been a tragedy that Congress and BJP have never ever supported any serious effort to resolve Kashmir issue when they have been out of power.

Let Congress not forget that it’s the blunt and open support in creating Bangladesh that added to hatred against India not only among Pakistani establishment but within common masses and majority in Pakistan took pride in supporting militancy not only in Kashmir but in Punjab as well, feeling it like a revenge on India’s role in creating Bangladesh. However, Congress has still always pretended to be more secular, Pakistan friendly and pro Kashmiri, but had Congress been true to its claims it should have not opposed Mr Modi’s visit to Lahore and the way party cornered Modi Government over Trumps claim, it should not be difficult to conclude that the national parties have reduced the Kashmir issue to petty vote bank politics even if it destroys entire subcontinent. There can be a strong possibility that the hue and cry made by Congress and other so called liberals and leftists forced Modi Government to deny Trump’s claim. Unfortunately it has been the precedence that whenever New Delhi has faced uprising in Kashmir it has promised a peaceful resolution, but once normalcy has returned in Kashmir it has even denied the existence of any issue called Kashmir Dispute. Similarly whenever international community has talked about Kashmir issue, New Delhi has claimed it to be a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan but the harsh reality has been that no progress has been made between India and Pakistan decades after Shimla Agreement. New Delhi needs to come out of confusion and has to decide how it wants Kashmir issue to be resolved as Imran Khan for whatsoever reasons is full filling New Delhi’s every pre condition for starting a meaningful dialogue. Mr Modi has to understand Imran Khan’s difficulties and compulsions also, as without making any visible progress towards resolution to Kashmir issue, it may be difficult for him to address hardcore and radical elements within Pakistan or their well-wishers in Kashmir. Before cornering Narender Modi, Congress must understand that Kashmir issue is the baggage of its leadership and their confusing irrational politics & policies spread over 70 years. Time has come when Congress and BJP both need to understand that sentiments of Indian masses cannot always be exploited for vote bank by playing Kashmir card. Let Mr Narender Modi create history, not get scared with criticism and do a great favour to the people of entire subcontinent by taking bold initiatives to resolve the Kashmir issue.