Why crawl, why not stand

Greater Kashmir

Let Kashmiri leaders harden their stand over various sensitive issues, rather than making compromises

In early 90s when Kashmiris took to arms and streets, for resolution of Kashmir dispute, GoI left no stone unturned to bulldoze them.


However, at the same time it begged before lumberdars to Hurriyat leaders for talks to resolve the issue. Indian offered everything, even agreed to talk outside constitution, may be out of compulsion, but it had no takers.


It is on the record that Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister, who was heading the parliamentary delegation to assess situation in Kashmir made an open confession that India has lost Kashmir.


I am not doubting intentions of those Kashmiris who were then at helm of affairs,  for not talking to GoI, may be they were expecting Delhi to be more responsive and more sincere, however, it will be never fair to expect New-Delhi hundred percent sincere.


It is for Hurriyat leaders to decide whether they were living in the world of imagination or were lacking political wisdom while dealing with Delhi.


With the passage of time Indian State realised that resistance movement in Kashmir is losing momentum and Delhi also changed its attitude, by limiting its options and offers. 25 years down the line when Kashmiris have huge sacrifices in their kitty, GoI doesn’t want to discuss neither UN resolutions, nor bilateral agreements, neither so-called ambits of humanity, as it deems to have won the battle.


This attitude still would have been carrying logic for Indians while claiming their victory but now when they want to snatch all that little what Kashmiris had, it looks so strange. BJP by dragging article 370 and trying to make it controversial, is trying to show its arrogance and over-confidence. BJP is not doing this for the national interest but purely for vote bank politics.  


It is not only article 370, BJP wants everything.   There can be no bigger sham than the fact that Kashmiri politicians while entering into alliance with BJP for govt. formation are not discussing restoration of autonomy or implementation of Self Rule which they have been preaching till now, but are begging for revocation of APSPA.  


Deep and keen analysis will reveal that by asking BJP not to raise controversial issues including article 370, PDP is making article 370 itself controversial, which otherwise had never been an issue. Its restoration in original form should have been the concern. Who cares if article 370 goes as its presence, or otherwise, doesn’t resolve Kashmir Issue.


Similarly by begging for partial revocation of AFSPA from peaceful areas, PDP and NC are helping New-Delhi. Assuming for a while that AFSPA is withdrawn from Srinagar city and such other places where military doesn’t normally operate, how does AFSPA revocation make a difference? Militants do not need permission from anybody to carry out their activities what so ever.  


Even if somebody really cares about AFSPA, it must ask authorities to remove it from the areas where there is heavy presence of security forces, although it may not help even then, as the inhabitants of these areas are always at the mercy of security forces even in normal times.


Seeing through another angle it is evident that if AFSPA is withdrawn , India will tell within and outside country that It has won the battle and situation has got back to normal. So presence of AFSPA suits Kashmiris as world community could easily realise that GoI has not been able to change situation in J&K despite AFSPA  at its back.


Those begging for revocation of AFSPA need to change their stance and reverse the game and ask Delhi that AFSPA is not our problem but its continuity proves your failure and incompetence.


Let Kashmiri leaders harden their stand over various sensitive issues and rather than making compromises; they must seek justice on the basis of equality and universally accepted principles.


If they do so Delhi will be forced to adopt a genuine and realistic attitude, otherwise nobody on earth can save Kashmiris from becoming citizen of a country that doesn’t have even a post office, through which people across the world could have sent condolence messages for the dead consciences of Kashmiris.