Black day observed in PaK

Black day observed in PaK

He said Kashmir was not a regional or territorial dispute but an issue of ideology and needed immediate settlement in accordance with the settled principles.

People in Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) marked India’s Independence Day as ‘black day’ on Monday by holding anti-India and pro-freedom rallies and demonstrations.

The mega event of the day was an “Azadi March” under the aegis of Jama’at-i-Islami (JI) that began from here and concluded in the border town of Chakothi, located 3 kilometres before the Line of Control.

It was led by Senator Sirajul Haq and MLA Abdul Rashid Turabi, chiefs of JI Pakistan and PaK, respectively.  

Condemning the ‘reign of terror’ let loose by government forces in Kashmir, Haq assured the struggling Kashmiris of persistent support by the people of Pakistan until they achieved their goal of freedom.

“It’s a black day for us all… We have come here to join our voice with that of our freedom-seeking brethren across the bloody line. I want to tell the soldiers that the day is not far when they will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity,” he said.

He said Kashmir was not a regional or territorial dispute but an issue of ideology and needed immediate settlement in accordance with the settled principles.

“The freedom of Kashmir is not only our duty but a historical debt which must be cleared by the rulers or else history will never forgive them,” he said.

“If the Prime Minister of Pakistan takes one step for settlement of this issue, we will take a hundred steps,” he added.

He said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was himself involved in ‘terrorism’ but he was pointing fingers at Pakistan.

He said talks with India could be held only on the issue of Kashmir.

The JI chief said that today every single child of Pakistan was determined like Burhan Wani to lay down his life for freedom of Kashmir.

He claimed that the repression unleashed on the Kashmiris and other minorities would soon lead to “creation of another Pakistan in India.”

The JI chief also called upon the UN to implement its resolutions on Kashmir.

“What kind of UN is it that settles the issue of East Timor and South Sudan in months but observes indifference on Kashmir,” he questioned.

He said Syed Ali Geelani was great leader than Nelson Mandela and whenever he gave a call “we will trample this blood line (LoC).”

Earlier, Turabi, TV anchor Reham Khan and several others also spoke.

Separately, Minister of State and Chairperson BISP MNA Marvi Memon also led a rally in the same area.

Speaking as representative of the federal government to these gatherings, she maintained that India’s Independence Day would remain as a ‘black day’ for the Kashmiris until the former gave freedom to the latter.

Contrarily, Pakistan dedicated its 70th Independence Day to the people of Kashmir in a manifestation of unprecedented attachment of the people of Pakistan and the PML-N government with the freedom-seeking people of India-held Kashmir, she said.

She said Pakistan was raising its voice for the cause of Kashmiri people at every forum while India was misleading the world by terming Kashmir freedom movement as terrorism, despite the fact there was clear difference between the two.

“In the garb of curbing terrorist activities, India is herself committing state terrorism in Kashmir by arresting, injuring and killing innocent people,” she said, and added that India could not keep the Kashmiris enslaved for long at the strength of its military might.

PaK Minister for Education Syed Iftikhar Gillani, who was accompanying Memon, also spoke to the gatherings.

Earlier in Muzaffarabad, a big public meeting was held outside District Headquarters Complex to mark black day. It was addressed by PaK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider, JI Pakistan and PaK chiefs and representatives of other political parties.