Absenteeism in Rajouri schools | Edu Deptt to use Google Map, WhatsApp video call services to track staff

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In order to check the practice of absenteeism  in government schools, Education Department in Rajouri has decided to use Google Map and WhatsApp video calling services to track the staff.

An order in this regard has been issued by District Instittue of Education and Training (DIET) Rajouri.  

The order said that during field inspections by the teams, it has been observed that some teachers remain absent from their duties unauthorizedly, “thereby affecting the work culture in the schools”. 

Sharing details, DIET Principal Rajouri, Pardeep Kumar Sharma said, “Here (in Rajouri), we have 1700 schools and ensuring punctuality of staff through field inspections is definitely very difficult. So, we’ve decided to use the technology of time to check the practice of absenteeism.”  

“We’ve designated certain officials from the institute (DIET) who will call the teachers during the duty hours and they (teachers) will be asked to share their live location through Google Map application available on the Android phones used by most teachers,” Sharma, the DIET Principal said.  

He added that the location of the teacher can also be checked using the WhatsApp video call option.

Sharma further said that some teachers have also started a campaign against the new initiative of the department “but I believe that only those teachers who prefer unauthorized absence during duty hours have problem with this initiative”.

The Rehbar-e-Talim Teachers Forum (RTTF) has however appreciated the new initiative of the DIET.

In a statement issued to the press, District President of the Forum, Aftab Tantray said, “Our Forum hails this move of the department aimed at to improve the work culture in the schools.”

Tantray appealed the Education Department to ensure that the order about the new initiative is implemented in letter and spirit.