Basooni residents demand bunker construction in local school

The residents of Basooni village, located close to the Line of Control, Sunday demanded the construction of a safety bunker in the local government primary school, in order to safeguard the lives of students.

Gulsaid Khan, Zaheer Khan and Majid Khan among other residents said, “GPS Basooni is located in the firing range of Pakistan. Cross-border firing and shelling near the institution is a routine affair.”

They added, “In April 2018, the students enrolled in the school remained stuck for over four hours in one of the rooms of the school after cross-border shelling started.”

They maintained, “We demand immediate construction of a bunker in the school which has over 40 students enrolled in it. The lives of our children are important as they are the future.”

On being contacted, block development officer, Balakote, said, “The public works department has taken up the construction bunkers in schools.”

An assistant executive engineer of the department looking after the area said that pits for the bunker have already been dug and the remaining work will be started soon. He, however, added that repeated incidents of firing led to delay in the construction.