BGSBU celebrates International Day of Forests

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International Day of Forests was celebrated by the Environmental Sciences, Centre for Biodiversity Studies, BGSB University, Rajouri with the theme ‘Forests restoration: a path to recovery and well being,’ which is set in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In a statement the varsity said that the Day was celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and to undertake local, efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees.

Prof. Akbar Masood, Vice Chancellor BGSBU in his message emphasised upon the significance of such programmes so that the message of saving forests in conserving biodiversity should reach every nook and corner of the region. Prof. Akbar said that the significance of this year’s theme is to highlight the role of forests in sustaining the livelihood of millions of people at a global level and especially of the indigenous and local communities that have been associated with the forest for the longest of times. Prof. Akbar mentioned that the sustainable management of forests is critical in combating climate change, and to contribute  to the prosperity and well-being of future generations, the statement read.

Prof. Iqbal Parwez, Dean, School of Biosciences and Biotechnology in his message, stressed on raising awareness about forests and their conservation.  He said that The restoration  of forests will help to address the climate-change and biodiversity crises.

An expert talk was organized to celebrate the event in which the staff, scholars and students of Environmental Sciences, CBS participated. The expert talk was delivered by Dr. Shalini Dhyani, South Asian Chair, IUCN- Ecosystem Services in which she emphasized on the importance of Forests in our environment and the role these resources play in providing essential services for the millions of people across the globe. She also emphasised the critical importance of the forests for our planet and how sustainably we can make our relationship with the wildlife species.

According to the statement, Professor Yash Pal Sharma, Department of Botany, University of Jammu, Jammu presented concluding remarks about the invited talk. Special talk was attended by Scientists, University Professors, students and research scholars of the various Universities including Dr. O.P. Sharma Vidyarthi IFS, Dr N. Goshal, Dr. Mamta Choudhary (Head MBA).

Dr. Shreekar Pant, Coordinator, Environmental Sciences introduced the speaker and conducted the proceeding of the program while a formal vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Mamta Bhat.