BGSBU faculty 'discovers' new insect species

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In a significant development to insect taxonomy and diversity, a team of researchers comprising of Dr. Sajad H Parey, Assistant Professor, BGSB University along with Dr. M.S Pandher and Dr. Simarjit Kaur from Zoological Survey of India in a joint research work described and discovered new species of caddisflies from India. This work has been published in an International Journal of repute Zootaxa Published by Magnolia Press New Zealand, the BGSBU administration informed in a press statement issued here.

As per their findings with these new species the order Trichoptera in India is now represented by about 1300 species which were earlier in 2008 only 1027 species known from India. Dr. Sajad Hussain Parey who works as Assistant Professor in Department of Zoology, School of Biosciences and Biotechnology, BGSB University termed this as a significant discovery of caddisfly species from Indian Himalaya as four new species are described as new to science while as eight new species are first time reported from India which were earlier recorded from Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar.