Illegal dumping: Kandli-Dhangri road turns accident-prone

The Khandli Bridge to Dhangri road has turned accident-prone due to “illegal dumping” of sand and clay by some contractors.

Located at less than a kilometer away from Rajouri town, hundreds of vehicles ply on the Khandli-Dhangri road every day. Officially a two-lane road, it has now been almost turned into a single-lane as contractors illegally dump sand and clay in broad daylight, throwing norms to wind.

Mohammad Shabir, Ankush Sharma, Kamal Kishore and Umar Ahmed, among other locals, said, “At multiple places on the road, illegal dumping of clay, sand and pebbles is going on. Some contractors are violating the law in broad day light while the concerned authorities seem least bothered.”

They added, “At a number of spots, material has been dumped in the middle of the road, shrinking the space for vehicles and making it accident-prone.”

The irked locals, while ruing “official apathy”, said, “VIP movement continues around the clock on the road, but still the illegal practice goes on unabated.”

They urged upon the governor’s administration to look into the issue and redress their grievance before an untoward incident happens.