Leopard found dead in Nowshera

Representational Photo

A leopard was found lying dead on Line of Control in Nowshera Makdi area of Rajouri district on Thursday evening. The body of the leopard is badly damaged and disfigured’ indicating that wild animal might have received injuries in firing on Line of Control or due to explosion of land mine.

Officials said that the leopard’s body was spotted near a forward post of Indian army on Thursday after which officials of the forest department and police from Bhawani police station and army rushed to the spot and removed the animal’s body from the spot.

” The staff of wildlife protection department was informed about the incident to take the body of animal into its possession.” said officials of police adding that body of the animal was badly damaged from abdomen side which indicates that it might have received injuries in firing or shelling or due to explosion of any anti-personnel landmine.

Wildlife Warden in Rajouri Poonch range, Mushtaq Chowdhary said that the animal’s body has been collected and further examination is going on.