MRAC calls for opening Mughal Road

Mughal Road Action Committee (MRAC) here on Friday called for immediate opening of Mughal Road for public traffic, questioning the prolonged closure of the road without any “justified reason.”

Chairperson of the committee, Mir Shahid Saleem led a symbolic protest at Behrote village of Thanamandi here and raised slogans calling for restoration of Mughal Road for all kinds of vehicular movement.

“Roads are open everywhere but only Mughal Road is closed with no justified reason and the government seem giving people of Rajouri and Poonch a punishment.” said the protesters.

They said the historic road was directly linked with economical aspects of Pir Panjal region and people running their small scale businesses through Mughal Road were worst affected due to its prolonged closure.

“We appeal to the authorities to stop harassing the people and open the road at the earliest as people, especially those availing medical treatment in Kashmir hospitals are getting badly affected due to its closure.” said the protesters.