Sans building, students of GPS Bachalla-Dewal study in cattle shed

The students of Government Primary School, Bachalla-Dewal, study in a cattle shed as the government has failed to construct a building.

Established in 2004, the school has 30 students enrolled in it and the government has posted two teachers.

The locals, while talking to Greater Kashmir, said, “15 years on, we await a building for the school. It is highly unfortunate that our kids are forced to study in a cattle shed, which too lies dilapidated.”

“Does the government not have money to construct a building or have we been left on God’s mercy?” the residents asked.

Nazir Ahmed Malik, a resident, said, “It might come off as a surprise but the cattle shed serves as a school during the day and during the night, cattle live in it.”

He asked, “Is this how the government is expecting our kids to excel? Is this how our children will make better future for themselves?”

The locals alleged that no one from the education department has ever visited the school to enquire about the welfare of the kids.

On being contacted, zonal education officer, Mahore, Qamar-din Jaral said, “It is true that the Government Primary School, Bachalla-Dewal, lacks a building. It is also true that a number of other schools in the district are functioning sans a building.”

He added, “We have already conveyed the issue to higher authorities and a concrete plan will be implemented soon.”